Tuesday , 28 June 2022

This is True Love . . .

Dragged Through Cr*p

It may feel like you’re being dragged through cr*p, BUT why do it? . . . You feel like cr*p without her..


Spinach & Teeth

If he straight-off loves you on the first date, sure it wouldn’t matter if you’re wearing food on your face during dinner, BUT be forewarned, he might be delusional.


While Farting

You can be your humanly self and know you’ll still be waking up in the same bed tomorrow. Love is commitment, acceptance and security.


Love Songs..

Why are we singing in the car and in the shower? AND yup, why do lyrics in love songs all of sudden jump out at us? Must be love!


The Future

One thing is certain and that’s life and love are always changing. You’ll never know what’s in the future.


What’s Your Perspective?

Question is: Is the credit card his and he’s giving it to her, OR it’s HER’S and he’s giving it BACK to her?


Getting Pregnant

They do have that saying of couples when pregnant: “They are pregnant”.


Shared Finances?

When pairing up in a committed relationship, often what’s shared is: home, bills, social lives, responsibilities, dreams AND finances. It’s also called a marriage contract.


Poo & Toilet Paper

You both compliment each other, and it doesn’t matter WHAT anyone else thinks!


Impossible Love

We thought poo and toilet paper was a unusual love story, it could be worse like this one with a sad ending..


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