Things EVERY Woman Deserves To Experience

To come home from work, to something like this.

She works hard, she loves harder. Make it your business to make her relax every once in a while..


A purely INTELLECTUAL date

There’s nothing sexier to an educated woman than a mentally stimulating conversation with her man…


A first or even 50th date that goes like this.

There was a day when men put forth effort. Let’s bring those back.


Sex that does NOT end with naps

In any long term relationship, there will be times when practicality trumps all. You got work, school, or whatever the next morning. Fine. But make sure you break that routine with some after-sex, dope conversation as well.


To have her insecurities kissed

That may be a little deep for you, but understand, your woman will have some insecurities. As men, so do we. But when she’s feeling her worst, it’s your job to show her she’s still the best thing that ever happened to you.



Print this and tape it to your fridge. Now for a real woman, money isn’t NEEDED. But as her man, it should make you feel good to provide. Even if she provides for herself, still, let that be a little gift on a day she’ll have nothing else to do but sit and wait for you to get off. Send her to the nearest spa and shopping mall. Your treat.


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