Science Says Your Sexual Fantasies Are Pretty Normal


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A new study, executed by researchers at the University of Montreal, revealed most sexual fantasies to be surprisingly normal. While researchers had a hard time officially deeming a sexual desire “deviant”, they did discover some interesting differences between what men and women dream about doing in the sack.

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Contrary to popular belief, we’re all a little freaky when it comes to what we’re into between the sheets — new research shows that most sexual fantasies are way more common than you’d think.

A groundbreaking new study executed by researchers at the University of Montreal sought to scientifically define sexual deviance for the very first time. During the course of their investigation, researchers were surprised to discover that most sexual desires and proclivities are shockingly common, narrowing the field of what can be empirically constituted as sexual deviance. While on the whole most of us are more sexually similar than we ever imagined, the University of Montreal team, led by Professor Christian Joyal, found that men and women had different tendencies when it came to dreaming up desires.

Over 1,500 adult men and women participated in Joyal’s project, each of which were asked to detail their favorite sexual fantasies. While the results lead the team to determine that very few fantasies can statistically be considered abnormal, Joyal and co. found that men reported having more fantasies than women, and were able to describe these hypothetical scenarios more vividly. Guys also generally thought about someone aside from their partner when fantasizing about sexual situation, and sincerely hoped that their dreams might one day be realized — the scenario mentioned by men most often was getting it on with more than one woman.

Now the big question — when it comes to sex, what do women want? According to Joyal’s findings, between 30 and 60% of surveyed women owned up to having submissive fantasies on the regular, a la 50 Shades of Grey — getting tied up seemed to be a biggie among female respondents. While women often fantasized about being dominated, most of them didn’t actually wish to experience such a thing in the flesh. “Importantly, unlike men, women in general clearly distinguish between fantasy and desire,” Joyal clarified in a recent press statement. “Therefore, many women who express more extreme fantasies of submission (e.g. domination by a stranger) specify that they never want these fantasies to come true.”

Expect to hear more from Joyal and his team in the near future — they’re currently working towards finding out even more about our deepest, dirtiest desires.

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Ask The Big Question: How do these findings, particularly those about women’s BDSM fantasies, play into current conversations pertaining to consent?

Disrupt Your Feed: Starting now, you’ll feel like less of a freak between the sheets.

Drop This Fact: According to Joyet’s team, watching a partner get it on with someone else of the same or opposite sex was a common male fantasy. Researchers found this desire particularly surprising as it completely contradicts evolutionary biological theories.


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