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How to Get a Healthy Summer Glow


Establish a good skincare routine.

Yes, makeup can make your skin look dewy — but a good skincare routine does that.

To achieve a glowing skin, you need to establish a good day and night skincare routine which involves cleansing, toning and moisturizing. For deep cleansing, exfoliate at least twice a week. And to protect your skin from the heat, apply sunscreen lotion at least 15 minutes before you battle against the sun.


A good skincare routine is a good start. | Image via Gossip Katta

Pamper your skin.

Why do you think Koreans have that perfectly glowing skin? It is because they pamper their skin not by treating themselves in Salons or Spas but by scavenging their kitchen. Yes, everything you need for that pampering session can be found in the comfort of your own kitchen. Apply DIY mask twice a week for best result. Try making a paste with combination of Cucumber, Honey and Cinnamon and you’ll have that glowing skin.


Pamper yourself. | Image via Buzznugs

Have a healthy diet.

By practicing a healthy diet and taking in Vitamins regularly, you’re sure to get a healthy skin – this helps in nourishing the skin.

Take Vitamin B, C and D which basically slow the signs of aging from showing, help to achieve an even complexion and prevent breakouts.


A healthy diet makes you healthy and gives you glowing skin. | Image via Free Dieting

Water, water, and lots of water!

There’s a reason why drinking water is always included when it comes to skincare tips: it’s a key to unveil a healthy skin. Detox is also a recommended way to reveal your healthy skin since it cleanses the body from toxins accumulated thru unhealthy foods. Just add Lemon and Cucumber to a pitcher of water – let it infuse over night and drink it the next day. It will help in cleansing your body making your skin look radiant.


Water is the best way to cleanse. | Image via Jillian Wright Skincare

Contents of products you use.

Yes, the contents of the products you use can either make your skin appear healthy or dull. That’s why you have to be keen in choosing your skincare products. To achieve a healthy skin, choose products that contain the following:


Look for these ingredients on your skincare products. | Image via Gurl

Glowing complexion thru makeup.

Feeling impatient in achieving your goal? Then follow this makeup tutorial that’ll help you achieve a glowing skin because yes — if we can’t make it, better fake it.


Follow this Dewy Makeup Tutorial to help you achieve that glowing complexion. | Image via Gurl

Get some Beauty Sleep.

Another key to that gorgeous skin? Sleep. Giving yourself enough sleep restores your skin’s glow and making it refreshed.


Get some Beauty Sleep. | Image via The Physical Culturist

So, there! Excited for Summer? You should be! With just enough preparation, you’ll achieve that envy-worthy Summer glowing skin! Bring out those pair of shorts, Summer dresses, off-shoulder tops and sleeveless ‘coz you’ll be rocking Summer, girl!

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