Amazing Beauty Tips For When You’re Totally Hungover

1. Red Wine Mouth: Remove Those Unsightly Stains


Is there anything worse than a red whine mouth — we think not. The best beauty advice?


Apparently, rubbing a raw lemon slice on your lips takes off red wine stains. This sounds simple enough, and lemon slices are easy to get your hands on at bars, so I gamely tried it out.

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2. Cold Spoons Under Your Eyes To Remove Under Eye Bags

Take a quick trip to your kitchen and put some spoons in the fridge. Remove those unsightly bags under your eyes by holding and pressing the spoon there for a few seconds. Voila! You’ll look gorgeous in no time at all!

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3. Use White Eyeliner Under Your Eyes To Make Your Eyes Pop

It’s no secret that making your eyes pop will remove the attention from the redness that is clearly starting to show.

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4. Fight Acne and Get Softer Skin With This DIY Aspirin Mask

Did you know that the aspirin that you took to soothe your aching head will actually work to reduce redness and inflammation on your face? Whoa. Mind. Is. Blown. Yep, read all about it over at bellasugar


5. Get Some Mineral Makeup Spray

It’s no secret that a little pick me up when you’re feeling especially hungover will brighten your day. Pick up some Evian the next time you’re a Sephora. It will change your world.

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6. Soothe Puffy Eyes with Teabags

Did you know that not only is tea good for your insides, it’s a fantastic pick me up for your skin too! In the morning when you’re feeling your absolute crappiest, heat up some tea bags (be careful not to burn yourself!) and stick them on yours eyes to reduce redness and inflammation.

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7. Tuck your eye cream in the fridge.

A cool cream will feel good on your tired lids and make you feel refreshed. Plus it helps with puffiness.

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8. Get thee some bronzer

Fake it till you make it, ladies. When your skin is looking dull and drab, grab some bronzer from Walgreens or your local pharmacy on your drive to work (DRAG YOURSELF) out of your car and gently sweep some over your cheeks. Add a bit more color to your face!


9. Load Up On Redness Reducing Moisturizer For Your Face

Moisturizer is your best friend when you’re feeling sick and hungover, give your skin the nutrients you’ve sucked out of it the night before. Treat your skin right now to avoid wrinkles and age spots when you’re older! My favorite is:

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer 

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10. A gentle workout could help you feel better, if you can manage it (and that’s a big if).

It’s no secret that when you’re really hungover you’ve probably had trouble sleeping. As for myself, the moment I wake up for that fateful glass of water you’re up and at em.’ If you can manage a trip to the gym it may save you from feeling like your whole day is a drag.


11. Create A Messy Top knot To That Looks Intentional

As much as rolling out of bed and going to work with half of a burrito or rice crispy treat in your hair sounds great at the moment. Try throwing your hair up in a messy bun to make it look like you did your best!

more on top knots here


12. Rub A Dryer Sheet On Your Hair Before Styling

Did you know that rubbing a dryer sheet on your hair can reduce frizz and stop those unwanted flyaway’s.

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13. Don’t Forget The Perfume

On your way out the door, spray your pulse points with an energizing fragrance like Burberry’s Brit Sheer ($67) or Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight ($89). If you’ve skipped the shower, don’t skip out on smelling good. Booze leaves a tremendous stench on your breath, even if you brushed your teeth!


and more importantly… know where to apply it:


14. Make Sure To Always Have Texturizing Spray Handy

This hair saving beauty hack will be sure to change up the game post hangover. Keep some in your bathroom cabinet at all times for those “oh crap” moments.

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15. Get Rid Of Those Dark Eye Bags For Good

So, you’re really sick of seeing those unwanted bags in the morning after a night of heavy drinking. Use this tip from  somakemeupbeforeyougogo


16. Avoid Dry Thin Lips With This Trick: Make Your Own Lip Venom

Did you know you can plump up thin cracking lips with a little bit of peppermint oil? Get the full recipe here: mydairyfreeglutenfreelife


17. Treat Your Mystery Bruises with Mouthwash…

Yep. We said it. You know that it happens. You wake up and don’t remember where you got that giant unsightly bruise and it’s probably mid summer. You are forced to wear a skirt, but out of your own embarrassment you shudder at the idea. Help soothe and get rid of bruises with this DIY at home technique.

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Last but not least, you must absolutely drink water! Don’t forget to hydrate when you’re feeling crappy. Our bodies are made mostly from water, therefore replacing that water is very important! Cheers!

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