Friday , 27 May 2022

How to Cover Pimples and Still Look Fab

How to effectively cover pimples? Well, here’s a few steps you can try to hide those blemishes.


It’s sometimes difficult to be a girl because we have a certain standard for beauty that we want to achieve.  It gets harder when we have those annoying and nasty zits on our face. Here’s a few steps you can try that might help you cover pimples – a concern everyone can relate to!

1. Apply Concealer the Right Way


Apply concealer the right way: do it layer by layer. | Image via Red Book Mag

What’s the right way in applying concealer? Remember the right sequence in makeup: first is the primer, second is the foundation, and third is the concealer. To get the best results, use a brush, dab on a bit of concealer, and gently blend it so it won’t irritate the skin around your pimple. Try going over it layer by layer and one at a time by just gently blending it instead of thickly applying concealer. You may end up looking cakey if you do that. Remember: the less product you use, the better you are at covering the blemish and the more natural it will look.

2. Use the Right Brush


Use concealer brush. | Image via Mikkas Makeup Box

If you’re wondering why your brush is applying the product on your face well, maybe you’re not using the right brush. There are different kinds of makeup brushes and it is important to know the right tool to use for a specific product. The small flat brushes with a tiny narrow head with synthetic fibers are the concealer brushes. The brushes do their job well as long as you know how to use it properly, you’ll be playing a good tune!

 3. Use the Right Product


Match shade to your skin tone. | Image via The Beauty Look Book

Remember to match the shades of concealer and foundation to your skin tone. If you use a lighter shade on your skin, it’s like shining a spotlight on your face. The shades have to blend well in order to cover up your blemishes naturally.

4. Set it with Powder


Use pigmented powder. | Image via Hub Pages

To finish your cover-up, it is best to use a pigmented powder instead of a translucent powder. A pigmented powder will cover up your blemish better and it has to match with your skin tone. Apply a small amount only and just gently dab the brush on the covered area.

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