Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Celebrities Photoshopped as Normal People (So Surreal!)

#1 Kim & Kanye

They gained a few, didn’t they? Kim’s face was also made to show a little more sagging.


#2 Scarlett Johansson

ScarJo is still a beauty. She’s just way, way nerdier looking.


#3 Beyonce & Jay-Z

The average person usually doesn’t have the money to keep their face and style looking fresh. And we tend to go with lower quality food because of the cost. So your average joe is almost always heavier and less glamourous than a celebrity.


#4 Lady Gaga

Normal people apparently LOVE cheesy 80’s photos. Gaga fits the part perfectly.


#5 Rhianna

Is it tax season already?!



We talked about this. The average person doesn’t have the best diet. And since Lindsay has never seemed to care too much about what she puts in her body, it’s quite possible she could be this overweight. Coke and Adderall are expensive, you know?


#7 William & Kate / Brad & Angelina

Admit it, it is fun to see these powerful couples looking like crap, in all their 80’s glory.


#8 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer’s facial features go perfectly with that midwest motherly look.


#9 Brittney Spears

Yikes! That’s not a good look for her.


#10 Madonna

Madonna is 55 years old. It’s possible that without any help from trainers and beauty magicians, she just might look like this.


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