40_ Hot Tori Kelly Photos Will Make You Sweat

Simon Cowell may call Tori Kelly ‘annoying’ during her auditions in American Idol, but Tori proved to him that she would someday be a successful singer. Now, the sexy singer/songwriter has two Grammy awards, four hot albums, and two EPs. She is chilling like a boss in her bikini at the beach while enjoying the fruits of her labor. To see more of Tori Kelly’s photos, you can check out our compilation here.

Allwyn and Laura Kelly welcomed baby girl Victoria Loren Kelly on December 14, 1992. During Tori’s childhood, her family listened to a lot of music with different kinds of genres. But Tori was mostly in love with Christian music.

In her teenage years, Tori competed in many contests. She joined Star Search but lost to Tiffany Evans. In 2004, Kelly also joined America’s Most Talented Kids and won. She reappeared on the show for the Champions’ Tournament but lost to Antonio Pontarelli.

In 2007, Kelly began to upload videos of her cover songs on YouTube and got some recognition from fellow YouTubers. Then she got the opportunity to audition for American Idol. Although Tori did not make it to the Top 24, she made it a chance to upload more cover videos on her YouTube. Eventually, Tori got famous and got more than a million subscribers.

Tori released her first EP called Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly after she failed at American Idol. Luckily enough, the EP made it to the top 10 albums on iTunes. For Kelly, she thinks that the EP was just a warm-up of her talent, and fans must brace themselves for what she has in store.

Tori then released her first single, Fill a Heart for the “Child Hunger Ends Here” campaign of Feeding America. Her song then reached through a million people when the group, The Wanted, performed it on Dancing With the Stars. Tori then had her Fill a Heart Tour across the US.

Then, in September 2013, Tori signed with Capitol Records and later released her second EP, Foreword, and it immediately hit number 16 on the Billboard charts. Tori became the first act of Ed Sheeran’s tour in Madison Square and Sam Smith’s opening act on his In the Lonely Hour UK tour in 2014.

Tori’s debut album, Unbreakable Smile got released on June 23, 2015, and had collaborations with Ed Sheeran, Max Martin, and Toby Gad. Later that year, Tori performed a Christian song at the Grammy Awards and even got a nomination for Best New Artist.

Fast forward to 2018, and Tori released her second album, Hiding Place, and it won Best Gospel Album at the Grammy’s. Tori’s ‘Never Alone’ song also won for Best Gospel Performance/Song. Indeed, success’ measurement is not on how many boobs and ass photos you have through your career.

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