The Hottest Dianna Agron Photos Around The Net

Dianna Argon is a truly talented woman. She acts, sings, and dances, and she’s got an alluring face and sexy body to top it all off.

Growing up, Dianna Argon lived in hotels. Although she was born in Georgia, the family lived in Texas, then in California, due to her father’s work as a general manager for the Hyatt hotels. Later, the actress discovered that her father had multiple sclerosis, which was hard to deal with for the entire family.

Although they were moving quite a bit, Dianna Argon developed a love towards performing at a very young age. She started dancing when she was three years old and initially focused on ballet and jazz but ventured into hip-hop much later. She also enjoyed musical theater, which shaped her time in high school, where she got enthusiastically involved in costume and set design. Dianna Argon also participated in various school and local productions, including The Wizard of Oz.

During her teenage years, the actress mastered her dancing skills and began teaching others the craft.

After high school, Dianna Argon decided to focus her attention on having a professional acting career. Her early appearances were in different TV advertisements and shows. She was in CSI: New York, Shark, Numbers, Veronica Mars, and Close to Home.

Dianna Argon also appeared in It’s a Small World, a 13-episode series on MTV. The actress also got a recurring part in the second season of the TV series Heroes, where she plated the cheerleading captain Debbi Marshall.

Her role in the show earned the actress a level of fame that projects started coming left and right. Dianna Argon got offered parts for horror films that would require her to show her ass and boobs, but the actress turned all of those down.

Dianna Argon paved her career wisely and chose only parts whom she can comfortably portray. One of her most notable works to date was in Glee, a comedy-drama series on Fox, where she played as another high school cheerleader, Quin Fabray.

The show was a success, so did the actress’ portrayal of the meanest girl in the school. In 2010, her part in the series earned her a Female Breakout Star award from Teen Choice.

Dianna Argon also has a considerable movie credit under her name. She was in the action-thriller movie TKO in 2007. She also appeared in Skid Marks and Rushers that same year. In 2009, the actress also had a minor role in Celebrities Anonymous and got a supporting role in The Romantics the following year.

Dianna Argon’s other movie appearances include Bold Native, The Hunters, and I Am Number Four. She also played Quin Fabray again for Glee’s concert film then later joined the star-studded cast of The Family, where she worked with Robert De Niro, among others. Her performance in the movie, which aired in 2013, earned massive praise from critics.

Her more recent roles include in the film The Crash, Hollow in the Land, Headlock, and the Laureate.

Although the actress preferred to portray more modest characters on TV and the big screen, Dianna Argon has an undeniably hot body. You’ll only have to look at her bikini photos to know how remarkable a woman she is.

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