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Since 1991, Anna Chlumsky has been in front of the screen. She was in the spotlight at a young age, and it’s apparent that the actress has grown into an impressively sexy and talented woman.

Although her nationality is American, Anna Chlumsky has a mixed Croatian and Czech heritage. It wasn’t surprising that the actress was in the spotlight at a young age as she’s born from parents who were also in the business. Her father was a chef but is also a saxophone player while her mother is an actress and a singer.

At 11 years old, Anna Chlumsky began her acting career after landing the leading role in the 1991 film My Girl. The actress also got praise for her acting skills in the movie, both from the public and critics, earning her a Most Promising Actress Award, among others. She did model at the same time and even appeared in an ad campaign with her mother.

In 1994, the actress also appeared in the sequel for My Girl, which brought further success in her acting career. That same year, she landed another starring role for the film Trading Mom. Throughout her early years in show business, Anna Chlumsky appeared in several other movies, including Gold Diggers.

Between 1999 and 2005, Anna Chlumsky left the acting scene for a while to concentrate on her studies. She went to the University of Chicago to major in International Studies. While in college, the actress appeared in various productions, including Nine, Orestes, Into the Woods, and Words, Words, Words.

After her graduation, Anna Chlumsky didn’t get to acting professionally right away. She worked at Zagat Survey as a fact-checker, among others. However, none of her works satisfied herself as when Anna Chlumsky was acting, so Anna Chlumsky decided to go back to the Hollywood scene.

Her first appearance on the screen after a few years of hiatus was in the 30 Rock in 2006, where she played the character of Liz Lemler. The following year, she landed a part in an episode of the TV series Law and Order. The actress also worked in Cupid, a comedy-drama series on ABC.

Anna Chlumsky later landed a role for the 2012 production of 3C at New York’s Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, among other theatrical acts. Her other television appearances include The This of It and In the Loop.

However, the acting career of Anna Chlumsky rose to new heights for the second time when she got the starring role for Veep, an HBO series which aired in 2012.

That same year, she got the Best Supporting Actress award, then received the same acclaim for the second and third time in 2014 and 2015.

On both her entrance in the acting scene, Anna Chlumsky gained massive success. It proves that she’s not only hot boobs and ass on TV and the movie scene, but she’s got impressive talent as well. However, that doesn’t mean the actress is not easy on the eyes. She’s got an alluring aura, especially with her blue eyes and blonde hair.

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