30 Truths About Marriage


The football field was lit up by a pathway of candles, leading the way to a picnic set up underneath the goalpost. There were two chairs, a table, a dozen roses, a guitar, yummy food, and most importantly . . . him. The 21-year-old boy of my dreams was standing there. I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear!

After dinner he sang our song and played his guitar. I cried like a little baby! It was our first official date since he had been gone for two years out of the country! We did it! We survived our two years of being apart, and he was now sitting in front of me — in real life! No more letters. No more long-distance phone calls on Mother’s Day and Christmas. We were finally together — and I wasn’t letting him go!

Our waitresses (aka our little sisters) brought out dessert and on the platter, there it was. A small black box with something so special inside . . . yep! It was THE ring. He got down on one knee and asked if I would be his best friend forever, and I obviously said yes! It was the happiest day of my life, thus far. I was getting married!

Leading up to the wedding day was so exciting! Plans, plans, and more plans — it felt like it ruled my life. But so much attention was set on the wedding day that one night we decided we needed to talk about what was most important: the MARRIAGE.

After all is said and done, the wedding colors will fade, the flowers will die, and the reception will end. But what is left? Of course . . . the bride and groom — and a life to live!

Today I have compiled a list of 30 TRUTHS ABOUT MARRIAGE. Married life is the real deal! And even though it is mostly fun and great, sometimes it is hard and a bit challenging. If you are getting ready to marry the man of your dreams, here is a little heads-up for what you are in for. And if you are married, I am sure you can relate.

1. YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A TEAM: You may not always see eye to eye, but you are in it together! Through thick and thin.

2. YOU SHOULD NEVER STOP DATING: A few ways on how to date your husband can be found here.

3. THERE WILL BE DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS, EVEN YEARS THAT ARE HARD: It oftentimes seems that when it rains, it pours. You may have a day that is bad. But sometimes you may have a year that is bad. Stick through it, because things will get better.

4. SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO GO TO BED ANGRY: Many people will tell you as marriage advice to never go to bed angry, but you will learn quickly that sometimes you have to just go to bed and start all over in the morning.

5. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE TOUGH: Be sensitive to your spouse. Be sensitive to yourself. But be tough when hard days come.

6. MARRIAGE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PROMISE YOU WILL EVER MAKE: Marriage is a commitment. The biggest, craziest, most rewarding commitment.

7. YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM: “I just love EVERYTHING about him!” Every newlywed has said it. I am SO guilty. But you will probably have moments when you realize something about him really irritates you! And that is OK and completely normal. Nobody is perfect — neither of you are. None of us are.

8. BUTTERFLIES ARE A GOOD THING: Even after many, many years, you might get nervous when you see him or butterflies in your tummy. That’s just because you are in love.

9. 80 PERCENT OF SUCCESS IS JUST SHOWING UP: A lot of times, you just have to BE THERE. It’s not about going out every night anymore. It’s not about how many friends you have. Sometimes in marriage, you just have to be home. Just watch a movie. Bring home ice cream or his favorite treats. Just be together.

10. YOU WILL FIGHT OVER THE STRANGEST THINGS YOU THOUGHT WOULD NEVER BE AN ISSUE: Which way the toilet paper rolls? How to squeeze the toothpaste? Which way to put the dishes in the dishwasher? Where you put your shoes when you walk in? How you leave the door open when you pee? Why he chews so loud? The problems are real!

11. IT’S OK TO JUST GO TO SLEEP SOMETIMES: Sometimes you might be too tired to cuddle, love, or even talk. Go to sleep — it’s better than falling asleep in the middle of a conversation. (This may or may not have really happened in our marriage several times! Oh heavens.)

12. SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO CELEBRATE: Get a babysitter and go out! Babies can bring a lot of changes (read more here), so make sure you still have time for just the two of you. Go on a date! Go on a getaway trip! Have fun! Celebrate your marriage!

13. YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE THAT MANY FRIENDS: The struggle is real. One night you will look at each other and say, “We need friends!” Couple friends are out there — check out 10 couples EVERY couple knows here.

14. WORDS AND FEELINGS ARE REAL: Girls are sensitive and dramatic; it’s fact. But you will see that men have feelings, too. And sometimes they need to hear a few things from this list.

15. ALL WITHIN 30 MINUTES YOU WILL FEEL HAPPY, SAD, STRESSED, ANGRY, AND ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE: Sounds confusing, but once you’re in it, you just get it.

16. YOU WILL MAKE MEMORIES WITH HIM THAT CAN NEVER BE REPLACED: Your honeymoon. The birth of your babies. Those are special moments that only you and him will EVER have.

17. YOU WILL HAVE LISTS OF INSIDE JOKES TOGETHER: Those jokes that only the two of you understand and think are funny. Those jokes that you just “had to be there” to get.

18. MARRIAGE IS A BIG DEAL: It is the real deal!

19. SOMETIMES HE JUST WON’T UNDERSTAND YOU: And in this case you can share with him this article on how to think like your wife thinks.

20. BUT THEN SOMETIMES HE IS THE ONLY PERSON ON EARTH THAT ACTUALLY DOES UNDERSTAND YOU: And in this case you will look at him and remember exactly why you fell in love with him. He just GETS you.

21. SOMETIMES YOU WILL DO THINGS YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD DO: Like play fantasy football and then blog about it?! Or go to the gym for date night?! Or eat Chipotle every Friday night because it’s his favorite!?

22. YOU MAY HAVE TO TELL HIM EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED: Sometimes you will notice your man can’t read your mind like you want him to. But here is a list of things you can share with him that you need from him, just so he knows!

23. YOU CAN NEVER SAY “I LOVE YOU” ENOUGH: Say it fast. Say it slow. Say it creatively. Say it in passing. You can never say it enough.

24. SOMETIMES YOU MAY NEED TO ADD A LITTLE SPICE: If you feel like one (or both) of you is getting bored (which will probably happen), it is time to spice it up!

25. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU: You may want it to be all about you (we are girls . . . do you blame us?!) — but sometimes he needs some love too!

26. IT IS WORTH IT: 100 percent.

27. YOU WILL FEEL A JOY YOU HAVE NEVER FELT BEFORE: You will LOVE waking up every morning, knowing that you get to spend another day with the man of your dreams!

28. SOMETIMES YOU MIGHT BE THE ONLY ONE THAT THINKS HE IS FUNNY: Don’t be shy; laugh at his jokes. Tell the world you love him! Be proud of who he is.

29. HE WILL DRIVE YOU NUTS: He really will — and if your man doesn’t sometimes drive you nuts, then you are a saint!

30. YOU WILL OFTEN WONDER HOW YOU EVER LIVED WITHOUT HIM: But no matter how many times he drives you bonkers, you will always wonder how you ever lived without him!


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