You Are What You Listen To

It’s not a secret for anyone that music and personality are closely connected. If you want to know more about the person – listen to their playlist, it never lies. And it’s not only about feeling the rhythm and telling the good music from the bad. It speaks about the emotional perception of the world around. As women are more emotional, they tend to have more sensual responces to music. It gives reason to speak about gender music preferences. It is believed that women tend to listen to the following genres: pop, R&B, soul, latin, pop rock, contemporary country. While rock, hip hop, rap, house, nu metal are considered ‘male’ music genres. However, let’s not forget about research and gender stereotypes and remember our favourite songs. What kind of music you prefer to listen? And what does it tell about your personality? It’s easy to find out! Just pick your favourite music genre below



Bands You Like: A wide range varying from good old Pink Floyd and Nirvana to Linkin Park, Foo-Fighters, RHCP and, eventually, My Chemical Romance and Pixies

Your Personality: Those who listen to rock music are usually creative, and gentle, in spite of the stereotypes about brutality. Rock girls are at ease but not really outgoing, and more often introverted. Though psychologists say rock lovers are not hard working, it has been proved that rock music improves performance, and helps you focuse on goals achievement. It also increases persistance.

Advice for you: Rock is not girly music! Today it’s a myth no one believes in. Men love when woman share their taste in ‘heavy’ music and visit the concerts of their favourite bands. So, the only advice is – Rock on


Folk and Country Music

Bands like: Of Monsters and Men, Passenger, Mumford and Sons and Imagine Dragons

Your Personality: If you listen to folk, you are emotionally stable and open to new experiences. Also, you are a hard working and outgoing person with developed verbal skills.

Advice for you: Country songs often deal with heartbreak. This kind of music makes you more comopassionate, softens your heart. Follow the music and let it make you a better person.


Pop music

Bands like: Katy Perry, Adele, One Direction, Lady Gaga

Your Personality: Girls who listen to this kind of music tend to have high self esteem. You are likely to be hard working, outgoing and an honest person. And as pop music is a good option for workouts you are probably one of the girls who lead an active live style and keep theirfigures looking great! You’re also a stylisg girl and always know waht’s in trend this season.

Advice for you: Research shows that pop music lovers often lack creativity. Prove they are wrong! Develop your creativity, generate fresh ideas and increase your favorite hits collection every day!


Rap and Hip Hop Music

Bands like: Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Eminem

Your Personality: You definitely have high self esteem. You don’t hide your confidence, and are usually outgoing. You are more likely to be a cheerful extravert, who likes to be at the centre of attention.

Advice for you: People have a stereotype that rap people are aggressive and violent. But you can prove there’s no link between gansta style and your real character. Because under the baggy jeans and bright T-shirts is the agreeable, honest and open person.



Bands like: Death Cab for Cutie, Cage the Elephant, The XX, Artic Monkeys

Your Personality: If you are into indie you are likely to be introverted, rather creative, and an intellectual kind of person. Though psychlogists claim the fans of this music genre are not gentle and not really hard working. Other characteristics may be passivity and low self-esteem.

Advice for you: Set the priorities and decide for yourself what is important for you. Passivity fades away when you find a goal to pursue. And may indie be your state of mind, not just a trend to follow.


Classical Music

Bands like: well…not exacly bands but…Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven

Your Personality: The fans of classical music are not conservative at all. They just have a good taste and know that new genres may emerge and fade away but only due to classical music we know how to appreciate music at all. So, if you like classical music you are likely to be creative, pretty self-confident and friendly.

Advice for you: It is proven that classical music can significantly boost your brain power. So listening to classical music not only brings pleasure, but makes you smarter. Appreciate the masterpieces and don’t forget that true beauty of classical music is revealed when it sounds live.

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