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15 Essential Kitchen Tricks and Tips


We all know that cooking is a tricky thing sometimes. Women spend a lot of their time preparing food, but very often they just waste time. Because there are a lot of tips and tricks that can make our life easier. You’ll be surprised how these tricks can simplify your daily life.

1. How To Keep Vegetables Fresh


You’re a fan of healthy eating and buy a lot of vegetables. So you know how it’s hard to keep vegetables fresh for a long time. One little trick- put paper towels on the bottom of the vegetable box. Towels will absorb moisture and vegetables will stay fresh longer.

2. How to Keep Your Greens Fresh Longer


Don’t leave greens in produce bags, put them in plastic tubs with paper towels. Also you can put greens in vacuum packages and put them in a freezer. Don’t pre-wash greens and they’ll stay fresh for a long period of time.

3. Freeze Leftover Sauce


Have you ever thought about this? It’s just a simple idea but really useful. You don’t need to pour the leftover sauce, just freeze it. And you’ll have a sauce every time you need! You can make the same with coffee and then put coffee ice cubes in a cup of milk and get a tasty cocktail.

4. How To Keep Ice Cream Soft


If you don’t want to wait and like soft ice-cream, this trick is for you! Take a plastic freezer bag, put an ice-cream, push out air from the bag and put it in refrigerator. Ready!

5. Make Your Own Yogurt Pops


No, you don’t need to cook it. You need 5 minutes, yougurt and popsicle sticks. Put sticks in yougurts and put them in a freezer. There you go!

6. Peel Ginger With A Spoon


Ginger skin seems tough, but you can easily take it off with a spoon. Leave your knife and try this method!

7. Opening Jars Easily


Now you don’t need to ask your man or wait for him to get home from work to help you with jars. Take rubber kitchen gloves and see how easy it is. Don’t let a jar piss you off ever again!

8. Wooden Spoon Trick


It seems unreal, but it’s a proven method. Just put a wooden spoon across the top of a pot and it’ll prevent water from boiling-over.

9. Save an Oversalted Dish


Don’t get upset if your soup is oversalted, it’s easy to solve this problem. Take a piece of a raw potato or apple and leave the soup cook for 10 minutes. Potato and apple will absorb the excess salt. If a soup is too salty-add a spoon of sugar or apple vinegar.

10. How To Decrystallize Honey


Your honey crystallized and you’re thinking about buying a new one. Don’t hurry. There is a simple way to decrystallize and eat this sweet dessert again. Just heat it in a microwave for at least 30 seconds-and the result will surprise you.

11. How to Keep Champagne Bubbly


Don’t hurry to throw away a bottle of champagne if bubbles have gone flat. There is a little secret – add one or two raisins in a glass and the champagne will make bubbles reappear again like magic. Cheers!

12. How to Prevent Bananas From Browning


You know how fast bananas can spoil and after this you’re making banana bread. But there is a simple way that you can prevent these fruits from browning. Buy a bunch of bananas and keep them this way, don’t separate these fruits until you want to use them.

13. How To Save Your Cheese


So there are a lot of cheese left after a wine party with your friends. The best way is to freeze this delicacy. It should be wrapped tightly. When the cheese must be served, defrost it a day before.

14. How To Combat Meat Toughness


If you want your steak to be more tender, just add vinegar, beer or lemon juice. Meat will be more soft and tasty as well.

15. How To Prevent Pasta From Hardening


If you cook more pasta than you can eat, put the leftovers in a sealed plastic bag and then refrigerate. The day you want to serve it – boil pasta for a minute and you get a ready and tasty dish again. Bon appetite!

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