Friday , 16 November 2018

Ugly Duckling Celebs

#1 Rashida Jones

Jones reminds us that thankfully we can grow out of the awkward teeth days.


#2 Ryan Seacrest

If Seacrest can COMPLETELY morph himself, we can too!


#3 Chris Pratt

Have patience it’s all going to happen. . . Just look at hunky Pratt!


#4 January Jones

The hot actress didn’t realize she would be “her” as a young girl. Sometimes you never know..


#5 Joe Manganiello

Wow, Joe! We too can wear contact lens and improve much, much more!


#6 Zooey Deschanel

Everything is going to work out, it did for Deschanel!


#7 Matthew Lewis

Can you believe Lewis’ dramatic change since his Harry Potter days as Neville Longbottom? Today he’s HOT and we’re speechless!


#8 Taylor Swift

Same cute smile, BUT wow everything else is stunning!


#9 Megan Fox

Wow, there’s still hope people! Look at foxy Fox.


#10 George Clooney

Sometimes you have to come a long, long way to become a heartthrob. Clooney shows us that!


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