Thursday , 18 October 2018

Shocking Celebs Then Vs. Now

#1 Pamela Anderson

Looks like she’s still trying to make it across that beach. Only with a little more cellulite than before.


#2 Madonna

Despite the vein-y, much too muscular arms, Madonna’s seemed to tame out over the years.


#3 Michael Jackson

1991 album titled Dangerous. Song of his life? Black or White.


#4 Mel Gibson

That Passion of the Christ really did a turn on this one.


#5 Johnny Depp

Still the hottie he was back then, but will a little more edge.


#6 Dolly Parton

This country singer hasn’t changed her look too much–she just deflated her hair a bit.


#7 Mickey Rourke

Years later and a little too much boxing and strange shaving leave for a much different looking fellow.


#8 Jessica Simpson

Those Daisy Dukes aren’t quite zipping up anymore…


#9 Kristie Alley

Once the tooth-fairy we all dreamed about, it seems like Kristie dreams about food–and makes those dreams come true.


#10 Arnold Schwarzenegger

We can safely say that his head is now an appropriate looking size compared to his non-existent six pack.


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