Top 5 Tips for Having Sex With A Transsexual

Sexuality is constantly changing in the modern world. Sex is not limited by gender, color, or race. Regular sex has become a very dull thing. People are fed up with classical poses, ordinary partners, and sex games. Transsexual sex is something many men would like to experience in their lives. However, this becomes an issue when you think about getting acquainted with a transgender woman. Many guys and girls make simple and rude mistakes while approaching the transgender angle of their dreams. Here are some of the tips that will help you succeed with a transsexual.

Learn how it works

Before deciding to approach a transgender learn more about how her body works. The best thing is not to watch porn, but to have chat with real-life models asking them questions about the things that turn them on. Tranny cams really help in understanding how it works and you can ask the model any question in the private chat. Make a little research about transexual sex. There are types of girls that have penises and some of them don’t have them at all. Some of them like being touched there and some don’t. All of these things have to be researched beforehand.


As it was mentioned before, you have to research your tastes. Tranny cams will help you with this. You need to know if you prefer the bottom position or top, or maybe you don’t care. Learn more about rimming, blowjobs, cuckold, greek, etc. Your desires will have a huge impact on the choice of the future partner. Being closer to “the moment” ask her about her preferences. Maybe she likes only to be dominated or she adores to be choked. Remember that sex is a mutual action of two. So when she asks to suck her pretty cock or stick a finger in your butt – be ready to relax and feel the pleasure.

Treat her right

At the first stages of your meeting or texting, you should ask a transexual how to address him or her. The general rule is: “if it’s a dress, then call her a girl”. Treat a transgender girl as any regular girl you had before. There is nothing extremely different from the things you have done on so many dates before that. Most of all do not be a pervert and do not make stupid jokes about transexual topics. There is just no need for it.

Expectations and experience

You may be quite an experienced lover with transgenders, but it doesn’t make you an expert in each separate case. Every person is unique and you need to discuss mutual preferences before “the moment”. Never try to have “special conversations” with transgender girls. This is the one-way ticket for having sex. Focus on tastes, rather than on body parts (especially discussing them straight ahead).


Lear your potential transgender partner, asking her about the kinks, attitude towards BDSM, and her boundaries. Also do not forget to show your limits and talk openly about them. What is more important, do not ignore safe sex. Use condoms and cleanse yourself before sex, because safety is a primary thing for both parties.

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