Top 10 Youtube Beauty and Makeup Gurus


Our look is everything. We’re ready to discuss our beauty tricks, forming bonds with the girls around us (friends and strangers as well). We’re sharing the tips, falling in love with a lipstick colors, asking each other the secrets of long-lasting makeup and so so on. During the last couple of years girls have formed numerous blogs number, unions and casts in the name of beauty. The latest iteration of this process is Youtube beauty experts who dominate the social beauty platform with their talented and rather simple tutorials. The number of video beauty channels is too high to count, it’s really overwhelming. But here we put together a list of the 10 best beauty blogers. Whether you makeup like these ladies or not; even if your beauty interests are limited with FB timeline posts, get ready for a dose of serious fun and beauty education. They’re going to make your life a whole lot easier, I swear on ‘Channel’ :)

1. Zoella


The British bright bubbly beauty expert Zoe Sagg. She has 7 million of YouTube followers and a pretty awesome bestseller ‘Girl Online’ debuted in November 2014. She is the main character of the new cyber-stars and a simply beautiful and talented girl. During the last 5 years she’s done nothing but boost the whole web with her easy yet genius videos about her own makeup terms and fashion tips. She uses little more than her laptop, internet connection and camera. Applause please!

It’s a perfect time to use her ‘Fresh Spring Makeup Tutorial’

2. Kandee Johnson


This Los Angeles-based make-up artist regularly makes us happy with the Instagram beauty posts and YouTube tutorials. The way she transforms herself into the popular movie and TV characters and celebs with a little help from her cosmetics is just flat unbelievable. No wonder she has already won an army of fans and followers. You’ll absolutely adore the way she impersonated Frozen’s Elsa character and the outstanding video of her transformation to Kendell Jenner and Madonna.

Her “red Velvet Lips” tutorial is absolutely one of the favs of the ‘HerBeauty’ team.

3. Michelle Phan


Michelle has started her beauty fame with her own makeup line. Nobody can pass over her talented how-to’s and it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a makeup pro or just looking for some fresh ideas. Her YouTube channel has more than 7 million subscribers and her own book ‘Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success-Online and Off’ which teaches people how to decorate their faces the way nobody in the world can.

So seeing is believing and better check out her ‘Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial’

4. Wayne Goss


His beauty how-to’s are nothing less but the perfect combination of innovative expertise and masterful technique. The whole world is obsessed with his tutorials and delighted to find out the unexpectedly easy ways of damn-perfect makeup. He’s not a typical YouTube vlogger, he is a beauty demonstrator in his own way. He ‘s the one and only guy who can teach us the Kardashian contouring tricks on his own face. His first collection of brushes on Beautilish was sold in 5 minutes. We are at a loss for words to express his talent. Go ahead to check it out on your own.

This is his ‘How To Contour’ tutorial and it’s simply the best

5. Bubz Beauty


She has hundreds and millions of uploaded views of her YouTube beauty vids and the same number of daring fans and followers. She also has her own channel ‘Bubbiosity’ which gathers nearly 20 million views daily. There are no boundaries for her creativity level, her sense of humor, her jokes selection, the ways she presents her tips and her cute smile. It’s just a short list of the reasons why she’s in a class by itself.

We’re in love with her hilarious ‘How to remove makeup’ tutorial. You need to take a look here at the one, and be prepared to laugh uproariously.

6. Blair Fowler


This Georgian girl-blogger has been uploading beauty and fashion videos since 2008 under the name JuicyStar07. She tries to navigate the world pursuing her own dreams of designing her own tutorials of what she thinks is the perfect look. The webstar guru aploads a huge daily portion of absolutely genius ideas that inspire girls all over the world to look their best.

She knows well what to do if you ‘Have No Time To Wash Your Hair’

7. Amarixe


Before attaining fame in the beauty blogging world she was known as Allison. This upbeat lady found her true calling after finishing college. It took less than a half a year for her to become a worldwide popular beauty guru. The one thing that separates her from the other cyber-celebs is that she gives not only beauty&fashion tips but also love and general life tips that are always spot-on sensible and helpful.

Watch her ‘How to Glow’ makeup tutorial

8. Chloe Morello


She’s an ultimate vlogger whose collection of films, product reviews, makeup tutorials are nothing short of mega. There are 480,000 people subscribed to her YouTube channel and she gets more than 20 million views of her self-confessed makeup tutorials. Her video guides offer tips on how to do everything from smoky eyes to bright lips She’s absolutely obsessed with trying new makeup methods and is always happy to share them with the girls all over the web.

There is noting better to make a ‘No makeup look’ with her tutorial

9. Amelia Liana


She is a 20-something London based girl who inspires the women’s world on a daily basis with genius ideas and easy tips on everything that includes beauty, fashion, fitness and cooking. Amelia has racked up a loyal fan base of over 23 000 subscribers in just half of a year. Her easy-going directional videos always present inexpensive yet effective, quality products. Her focus is on finding and using products that offer great value for your money.

Here is the best way to ‘glamorize’ with this evening makeup tutorial

10. Emmа Pickles / EuphoricCreation


This 18-year-old shapeshifter from the UK transforms herself into the spitting images of various Hollywood characters. She is well-known for uploading the how-to clips painting herself into fairytale characters and iconic movie monsters including the recreated super creepy version of The Joker. This makeup magician has more than 3 million subscribers who can’t help but watch her astonishingly skilled tutorials every single day!

Here is a proof of how talented Emma really is

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