The Hottest Spring Trend: Granny’s Hair


Girls all over the world have gotten fed up colorizing their hair or balked at the tried-and-true ombre/sombre look that is being refined constantly but is still not quite right for a lot of gals… they have opted for the new oh-so-hot trend – granny’s hair. Sounds like a beauty nightmare, agree? From early childhood we saw our grannies buying a box of hair dye to hide their gray locks. This little style trend from the past has been recycled by our generation. What does it mean? It simply means that the gray-granny look is now A-list and a cool way to get the boys to check you out! Go silver, go gray, go granny! The gray hair movement started with Jean Paul Gaultier’s PFW catwalk show featuring silver-headed models. The audience couldn’t help but applaud

If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your look, why not to try this fashion-forward trend? Here are the 20 silver fox looks that will inspire you to go gray.

P.S. Don’t forget to tell your granny that there is nothing to hide now and she’s on top of the hottest trend in hair fashion.

201. It doesn’t matter summer is coming (say:’I don’t ca-a-are, I love it’). These frosty locks will cool your tanned shoulders. All the guys will be turning their heads to marvel at your cooled down, frosted hair.


2. For those who will dare to try it gray locks can give a new extra-fashionable twist to the traditional and still fashionable ombre.


3. ‘Silvering’ will give an additional hint to your vintage and ‘twee’ look.


4. The granny hair trend has a strong air of feminism, don’t you think? Women always tried to hide their natural color which traitorously demonstrated their age. Now even the youngest cutie-pie dreams to become silver-headed to show off that woman are free to be beautiful the way she wants. Not bad.


5. Curvy gray curls look soft, relaxed, comfy and so glamorous. You can even use a temporary color product that washes in out in a few days to make your up-do more stylish. You can count on a good three days in “granny land” with this technique.


6. Instagram was running hot with the number of selfies of trend-setter girls who suddenly went gray and wanted the whole world to see it. By the hashtag #GrannyHair you can see them all.


7. ‘Granny’s hair’ includes all the ’50 shades of gray’ and all of them are trendy: violet gray, cold&warm still, blue metallic, deep platinum, snow-white silver. Do not hesitate to experiment.


8. The ‘silvering’ beauty products went through the roof. The sales of the most popular ones have jumped over 200 percent since the start of the year. Meanwhile the sales of men’s gray shades were up 20 percent since January 2015. It’s an impressive market for these products right now.


9. A lot of beauty blogs and fashion magazines call this trend ‘the one of 2015′. The ‘bored panda’ gathered a half million hits when they asked women to post their granny hair selfies to the page.


10. Silver locks don’t come cheap. Be prepared to pay from $700 to $1000 per one treatment depending on hair length and its condition. Touch-up is recommended once per month. The process will take from 3 to 7 hours depending on the natural hair color and gray effects.

Don’t be scared. The Gray Granny look is really pretty cool and we guarantee you’ll be getting a lot of comments about your new youthful/mature look. Those looking have to decide are you trying to look younger or older? It’s a beauty trend that keeps everyone guessing. Have fun!


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