Ideas to Get Your Bathroom Organized


Whether your bathroom is big or small, there are always plenty of different beauty and health essentials: lotions, makeup stuff, toiletries, towels etc, even if you live alone. And sometimes, the drawers aren’t enough for every thing. You don’t have to spend much time and money organizing bathroom essentials. Master the bathroom mess and turn it into your sanctuary – a real relaxation place simply by following these easy steps.


1. Toilet paper storage. It may sound a bit funny, but you can use a tall vase for toilet paper storage! Picking a clear vase means you will never forget to restock the “TP”. It’s like the constant visible reminder to restock. Also, this is a smart way to make toilet supplies look more esthetically pleasing. You can leave The TP in plain sight, and your guests won’t have to search for a new roll.


2. Hanging baskets. This is a nice way to store towels or other supplies using minimum area of your bathroom. All you need is to buy inexpensive rectangular baskets in the local shop for home decor. They will cost you about $20! The baskets should be lightweight, made from straw. Hang them using just a screwdriver. Ready! You can also opt for shelves for easy access to your towels and other toiletries.


3. Ladder. Another original DIY project for your bathroom. Find an old ladder in your garage or buy a heap one from the hardware store. Wooden will work well, because you’ll be able to decorate it according to the design of your bathroom. Paint it in the color you want. Also, you can try for a vintage or Provence look – very stylish! Pick the best place for the ladder, and now you can use it to hang your fresh towels. Your guests will be amazed by this unique way to display your towels.


4. Organize your makeup items. Almost every girl has this annoying problem: losing your lipsticks, blushes, brushes and other important makeup items all over the bathroom. Here is a really nice problem solver: use a magnetic makeup holder. It looks really stylish, makes a good display in your bathroom and holds all the precious beauty stuff in one place. If you don’t want to spend extra money on a magnetic holder, make it yourself using just a picture frame, metal list, glue and spray or acrylic paint or self-adhesive decorative covering. And don’t forget to attach mini magnets to each of your makeup items.


5. Pocket organizer. Such a useful and easy way to get an extra storage space. Hang it behind cabinet doors and store any household items in your bathroom you want. Usually you can find such pockets in any grocery, variety or home improvement store, there are plenty of different variations, designs and colors, including holders with labels on each pocket for a more accurate organizing.


6. Mason jars for small things. Tired of endless makeup sponges, cotton balls, sticks and brushes all over the place? This organizing trick is for you. Mason jars are really adorable and they will fit almost any bathroom design. You can actually just store them on shelves, but for more interesting look try this craft project: attach jars to the wood using hose clamps and then attach it to the wall. You will save extra space and add more zest to your bathroom.


7. Organize bathroom drawers. There is a great solution for organization of all the cosmetics, creams, lotions, toothpastes and other products in your drawers. You will need inexpensive plastic baskets that are available in many stores. Put them in drawers sorting by groups of products. Now you won’t need to get nervous looking for the certain lotion among a pile of stuff in the drawer.


8. Install an extra shelf above the door. Simple but genius idea for getting more space for bathroom essentials. Store your less used things like extra towels, cleaning accessories etc. up there. Keep smaller items in boxes or bins. Make sure the shelf is well-supported. It is better to choose a wooden one and fix it with screws.
Well there you have it; our 8 ways to get your bathroom organized. You’ll be felling a lot better once things are in their right place.

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