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Sophie Thatcher was born in the year 2000. Sophie Thatcher is an American entertainer who made her film debut in the 2018 American sci-fi Prospect. Sophie Thatcher went to Nichols Middle School in Evanston, Illinois. Sophie Thatcher grew up singing, and she began acting when she was four years of age. Sophie Thatcher went to a performing expressions school for melodic theater, and her on-camera experience drove her to seek after acting more than singing. Sophie Thatcher’s work in front of an audience incorporates creations of Oliver, Seussical, The Diary of Anne Frank, and The Secret Garden. Sophie Thatcher Portrayed the character Anne Frank at Writers Theater. Sophie Thatcher portrayed the character Bet in Oliver! at Drury Lane Oakbrook. Sophie Thatcher portrayed the character Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden with Light Opera Works. Additionally, Sophie Thatcher assumed the title job in Merman’s Apprentice, organized perusing of new melodic by David Evans and Stephen Cole, with KleaBlackhurst as Ethel Merman. Sophie Thatcher portrayed the character Tina Denmark in Liberty Town Productions Ruthless! The Musical.

Sophie Thatcher makes her film debut as Cee, who fills in as a miner’s disciple under her dad Damon played by Jay Duplass while longing for a settled existence of the school, home, and the sort of regularity most children get the chance to underestimate. Damon guarantees one final employment on a poisonous moon will verify them that comfortable life. Be that as it may, when their arrangement hits a grisly tangle, Cee is compelled to believe an obscure gunman named Ezra played by Pascal to get the fortune and get off the planet. Following Prospect’s reality debut at the SXSW Conference, Fangirls sat down with Sophie Thatcher and Duplass to become familiar with the creation of this electrifying sci-fi story that is eventually about growing up. In spite of the fact that Cee is regularly stern, Sophie Thatcher was elated, disclosing to us that Prospect’s content excited her. “The characters I get for tryouts, are on the whole simply playing the little girl, the angsty youngster,” she said. Be that as it may, Cee allowed her to play something in excess of a one-note supporting character. Cee isn’t just Prospect’s hero, yet in addition, a mind-boggling courageous woman filled by dread, flexibility, doubt, and expectation.

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