The Hottest Rena Riffel Photos Around The Net

Rena Riffel is a well-established American actress. She holds the title of a singer, dancer, model, writer, producer and director. Born in Playa Del Rey, Rena Riffel was raised in the Central Coast of California. She was spotted by a modelling agency when she was merely a year old. She was a talented child, in fact, she could sing and dance when she was just nine months old. When she was young, she participated in gymkhana and rodeo events. She has been crowned Princess Of The Mid-State Fair, where she took photography with a horse after winning. This photograph won a photo contest and helped her launch her career. She soon started doing commercials and started taking part in modelling and dancing competition. When she was 11, she danced for the production of The King And I.

As she grew older, she started appearing in movies and television shows. She made her film debut with a movie called Satan’s Princess (1990). After that, she did movies like Art Deco Detective (1994) and Gunmen (1994). She was seen in shows like Paradise (1988), Freshman Dorm(1992) and Land’s End (1995).

It was her role in the movie Showgirls in 1995 that brought her recognition. While she was working on the movie, Rena Riffel asked the music supervisor to listen to one of her songs Deep Kiss. The supervisor passed the song to the director who liked it and decided to include it in the film without knowing that it was by the actress. In 2010, it was announced that there would be a sequel to the movie. Rena Riffel wrote, directed and starred in the sequel, which was Showgirls 2: Penny’s from Heaven.

After Showgirl, the actress was cast in Striptease. This movie was a huge failure, and it did not work at the box office. Rena Riffel later appeared in David Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive. These movies opened up a lot of doors for the actress. She went on to do various horror, erotica and drama movies and television shows. Her music career also picked up, and she tried her hands at producing, editing and much more.

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