The Hottest Photos Of Angela Trimbur

Legend has it, you can’t write the word Angela without Angel in it and she does perfect justice to this narrative. Her life story and achievements speak louder than any words of description can. Angela Trimbur has been a widely celebrated character all over the world for her contribution to Comedy, Acting, and the Dancing industry. She has time and again proved her dominance and worked towards her full potential in delivering the best possible quality every time.

On July 19, 1981, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Angela Trimbur was born. For her initial years of schooling, she went to Neshaminy High School located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania and finished her graduation in 1999. Life in her childhood became very different from her life as an adult as she grew up as Jehovah’s Witness but later in life accepted that she doesn’t believe in the religion anymore.

She also takes interest in Basketball and is also associated with the basketball team Pistol Shrimps, a Los Angeles based basketball team. To enhance the initiative, she also has fellow actress Aubrey Plaza alongside her. She even created the LA City Municipal Dance Squad, a dedicated group of dancers that perform for the halftime show for the Los Angeles Women’s Community Basketball Pickup League.

Her first notable work of success came in 2015 as a supporting actor in the horror comedy movie, The Final Girls. Reports suggest that in 2015, Comedy Central bought an untitled script from her about a basketball team filled with misfits based in Los Angeles. In August 2016, on a documentary named The Pistol Shrimps, Trimbur and Blasucci appeared which is actually about a basketball team filled with misfits. However, the possible recreation of the same in a Comedy Central show is still uncertain and there are no concrete reports for the same.

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