The Hottest Mona Abou Hamze Photos

Born as MonaAbouHamze Abu Alwan on October 2nd, in the year 1968, Mona AbouHamze is a Lebanese TV character and moderator, conceived in Barouk into a Lebanese Druze family. Mona AbouHamze is best known for her job in facilitating the Lebanese show Talk of the Town on MTV, a position she has held since April 2009. On Talk of the Town, Mona AbouHamze every now and again has surely understood figures, with more than 2000 visitors to date, from various foundations and societies. The list of people to attend incorporates big names, for example, legislators, vocalists, performing artists, painters, competitors and such, taking advantage of the most recent social and philanthropic issues. Mona AbouHamze’s energy for TV originated from at an opportune time. Simultaneously, on an expert dimension, Mona AbouHamze was picked to be a jury part on Mouzii el Arab, the main Pan-Arab TV Show that is exclusively committed to picking future TV moderators, which initially publicized in 2015 on Abu Dhabi TV and Al Hayat TV station. Other jury individuals incorporate the well-known Laila Elwi and Tony Khalife. Season 2 aired in September 2016. Mona AbouHamze is additionally an individual from the Jury of Celebrity Duets which is communicated on MTV and MBC, working close by performers OussamaRehbani and Tarek AbouJaoude.

Mona AbouHamze’s different commitment incorporate being the grand minister of Persil, a Henkel item, since 2010. Mona AbouHamze was the beneficiary of the Murex D’or grant in 2009 for her show Talk of the Town. As far as an acknowledgment for her introducing abilities, Mona AbouHamze won the Melody Award for Best Presenter for 3 continuous years, from 2009 to 2011 until the station, Melody Lebanon was shut down; just as the Zahret Al Khaleej Award, for the Best Arab Presenter in 2011. Mona AbouHamze is likewise got honors from Delta and Al Noujoum Radio stations. In 2012, Mona AbouHamze was perceived as one of the ‘100 Most Powerful Arab Women’ in 2012, by CEO Middle East magazine. The issue depicted her as “A popular culture whiz, Mona AbouHamze is known for her insight, enchanting development, and exquisite magnificence.” On a worldwide scale, in 2013, Mona AbouHamze was the solitary Arab moderator to be formally welcome to Cannes Film Festival, which she visited.

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