50 Hot Sofia El Marikh Photos

Born as Sophia El Mareekh on October 15th, in the year 1982, Sofia El Marikh is an artist and performer from Casablanca, Morocco. Upon the partition of her folks, Sofia El Marikh lived with her oldest sibling and mother in Marrakech and once in a while visited her dad and two sisters in Casablanca. The separation of her folks wasn’t more grounded than her, as Sofia El Marikh never ceased to radiate through her undeniable ability from the beginning of singing at family gatherings and social occasions. At sixteen years old, Sofia El Marikh had a chronicle series to take a shot at a community-oriented album with a French-speaking Moroccan vocalist, however, this undertaking was never finished because of creation issues. Sofia El Mariah’s greatest appearance as an artist was in the Arabic adaptation of Star Academy that was disclosed on the LBC in the year 2003. Sofia El Marikh first remained before a camera at four years old for a diaper commercial. Before long the country saw her in the scope of specific plugs as Sofia El Marikh turned into a requested model in her nation and in France. At fifteen years old, Sofia El Marikh participated in the French film “Soleil” featuring Sophia Lauren and another Moroccan motion picture nearby performer Rasheed al-Wali entitled “Wa Baad”. The leap forward for this young woman was the point at which Sofia El Marikh got conceded by the opportunity to the renowned reality ability program Star Academy Lebanon in its first season for the Middle East.

Sofia El Marikh went to the tryout just to help a companion applicant yet wound up getting herself the jury s endorsement and deference! As the Arab country saw out of the blue this reality program where youthful gifts stretched themselves as far as possible to demonstrate their singing capacities, Sofia El Marikh turned out to be collectively the gathering of people’ s sweet voice and sweetheart. A large number of watchers observed intently Sofia El Mariah’s every progression in the foundation and amid the live exhibitions where Sophia would sing radiantly before yet a greater gathering of people who made it a custom each Friday to watch Star Academy Lebanon as prime. Sofia El Marikh was getting a high number of votes from the group of onlookers and the jury while she endeavored to consummate her execution. Amid her stay in the foundation, Sofia El Marikh ended up renowned for playing the guitar and for her remarkable translation of the melody “Je Suis Malade” like a group of onlookers around the Arab world began to cherish the tune and sing it while they couldn’t comprehend an expression of French! That was Sofia El Marikh inside the Academy, decided yet effortless, making her very own picture that wound up cut in the core of numerous individuals who just couldn’t hold on to see this youthful ability in the outside world. As the season finished the “Star Academy” Students were propelled in reality.

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