The Hottest Cuban Doll Photos Around The Net

Born on May 12, 1998 in Dallas, Texas, United States, Cuban Doll is a singer and a social media celebrity. She had a tough teenage as her mother went to prison when she was only 15-years-old. She faced a lot of hardships during her early adolescence years.

Cuban Doll was interested in singing and rapping from an early age since most of her childhood friends were rappers. She grew up listening to artists like Aaliyah and Chief Keef. Although, she was often seen in the company of singers and rappers, Cuban never tried serious rapping herself until the year 2017.

Even before she started her career as a rap artist, Cuban had already become a star on the social media. She became popular on Twitter when her account started attracting thousand of followers. She went on to create an Instagram account and shared incredible photos and videos. Her Instagram followership is in excess of 950,000 and Cuban Doll has become a very popular Instagrammer.

After she started recording her raps in 2017, Cuban Doll tried her best and her song videos started generating decent number of views. A lot of her songs sucha s ‘Bankrupt’ and ‘Transportin’ have gone on to gather millions of views. One of her songs “Let It Blow featuring Molly Brazy has got over 7.7 million YouTube videos.

Although, it is her singing skills and talent are among the main reasons for her incredible success, Cuban Doll’s peculiar persona has also led to her social media popularity. Whether it be the dresses she wears or the hair color she sports, everything about Cuban Doll is appealing and flashy.

Cuban Doll also happens to be an entrepreneur and she sells official Cuban Doll apparel and merchandise. She has a website also offers great looking iPhone cases with attractive prices.

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