Amazing Outfit Ideas for Coachella

1. Sexy, Sheer Look

Glamorous-casual. Chock full of sequins, beading and chains this look oozes glamour, whilst still retaining a casual feel with the floppy hat and suede booties. We absolutely adore the colour scheme of this style. Two colours. That’s it. And that’s all you need.


Polyvore / annellie

This outfit contains so many trends. Lace, fringing, kimonos. We love them all. Want to be on-trend and look sexy while you’re doing it? This is the look for you.
2. White Dress + Camel Accessories

Simple perfection. Loose fitting dresses are a great go-to for Coachella. You won’t constantly have to be pulling your short skirt down, or rearranging your shorts. White is a smart choice too. Dark colours attract heat, so in this look you’ll remain cool and fashionable.


Polyvore / francesca-valentina-gagliardi

Simple jewellery really jazzes up this outfit and camel accessories complete the overall look in such a fashionable way. Add some sunglasses and you’re done.
3. Crop Top + Maxi Skirt

Crop tops and maxi skirts, what a great combination. Matching a plain item with a patterned piece is a brilliant style tip. You’ll look fashionable but nothing will clash. You could always switch it up and have a patterned skirt and plain top instead.


Polyvore / london-wanderlust

The cropped design of the top is a nifty way of adding a bit of sexiness to your style. Not too much skin is showing, but you’re not completely covered either.
4. Black Shorts, Crop Top & Bomber Jacket

Flower crowns for the win. Flowers make any outfit instantly more girly, especially when woven into a crown. Black shorts are essential if you’re planning on sitting down. No one wants to stand up and have grass stains all over their arse.


Polyvore / chocolatepumma

Bomber jackets are quite a masculine style piece. The pink of this one really helps to soften the overall look. Add a few layers of necklaces and some rings and you’re sorted.
5. Print Pants + Leather Jacket

Check out this awesome leather jacket. Why pick a black or brown one when you could go for one that really stands out. There are tons of colours to choose from, and they’re a great accent piece.


Polyvore / ivansyd

Print pants are so in right now. These are a gorgeous mix between geometric and floral. Either style would look stunning, just make sure you only stick to one printed item. You don’t want to clash.
6. White Top + Denim Shorts

Suede and simple. Ripped denim shorts add a carefree feel to the overall style. The suede accessories are stunning. They really help to glam up the look, giving it a more sophisticated feel.


Polyvore / ritacvi

You could always add some jewellery to this outfit. We recommend layering a ton of bracelets. Aim toward gold hues so as to match the bag. Or just pick a bag with silver accents if gold isn’t your colour.
7. Black Floral Dress + Black Accessories

Black is the new black. We’re head over heels in love with this dress. If you love wearing black, we’ve got you covered. The flute sleeves are so boho and the lace adds a flirty tone to the look.


Polyvore / angeldolce

The light, floaty material of this dress will definitely keep you cool and the floppy hat will prevent you burning. A pair of circular sunglasses will really finish the outfit off.
8. Bohemian Dress

WOW. The pattern on this dress is truly spectacular. With such a loud print we advise you to pick accessories that are quite plain. Just like what’s been chosen below.


Instagram / fuckedchanel

Be careful what jewellery you pair with this outfit. You don’t want it to clash with the dress. A few thin chokers are a awesome choice. They won’t take away from the main pattern. Just keep it simple when you accessorise.
9. Gypsy Inspired

Here’s another print for you fashionistas out there. This one’s more gypsy inspired which makes a nice change. Pulling colours from the printed piece is a smart way to pick items that match well. White was a good choice for this look.


Instagram / monmondefou

Top tip nude goes with everything. So when styling around a prominent clothing item and in doubt, go with nude. Why not try adding bangles to this outfit?
10. Crochet Crop Top, Denim Shorts & Cardigan

Crochet and denim are such a good combination. The different textures compliment each other effortlessly. Cardigans a great way to add a bit of warmth to a look, and they are pretty too.


Polyvore / ordinarilyweird

Another flower crown too make the look more feminine and bohemian. Add a couple long pendants and some aviators and your look is complete. You could already swap out the sandals for some brown booties for added comfort.
11. All Black Outfit

Black is such a flattering colour for everyone. So if you’re worried about your weight or just want to look a slimmer for this festival, try it out.


Polyvore / inthestyleofnina

A maxi skirt will skim over any areas that you’re not proud of. Add a chunky pendant and you’ll feel secure knowing all attention will be on that. Black hats go with everything and really help to vamp up any outfit, giving it a boho vibe.
12. White Dress, Gladiator Sandals & Flower Crown

Sweet and simple. Monochrome is a gorgeous look for all women. This light, floaty dress screams bohemian with its loose fit and tie at the front. These black tinted sunglasses make the look more edgier and are just plain gorgeous.


Polyvore / josiez16

We adore these lace up sandals. They are such a statement piece and a must have for your closet. The simple bag is enhanced by the fringe detailing and adds another dimension to the overall look.
13. Lace Maxi Dress

Lace makes any look instantly more girly and sexy. The colour is very bohemian and you can be sure you’ll get a few double takes. You’ll look stunning.


Polyvore / conch-lady

Accessorise this style with some chunky boots. We love the wood effect along the bottom of the boot. And the wood bangles really tie the whole look together. Plus check out this bag. We can’t begin to describe how unique and gorgeous it is.
14. Kimono + High-Waisted Jeans

Kimonos and festivals go hand in hand. Especially if the festival is Coachella. Jeans ripped at the knees are so on trend at the moment so we had to include them. Roll up the bottom of your Jean so the ankle strap of the sandals is visible


Polyvore / ela-shi-atat

The fringe detailing on the kimono contrasts beautifully with the suede fringing on the messenger bag. We’d glam up the outfit with a statement necklace.
15. Fringe Jacket

This jacket is a gorgeous statement piece. Suede and fringe make such a great combination. Want to dress up your look? Suede is the way to go. We love how the patterned top matches the print on the back of the boots. Such a great choice.


Polyvore / ansev

The black hat and bag add a nice contrast to the overall outfit. With such a loud printed top you don’t want to distract with a necklace. A few rings will be more than enough.
16. Black & White Outfit


Polyvore / bellacharlie

The crochet crop top adds a lovely texture. And don’t get us started on this kimono. The lace detailing will look great in the sun and the fringe work will blow beautifully in the spring breeze.
17. Statement Maxi Skirt + Black Crop Top

We have to admit we’re in absolutely love with this maxi skirt. It’s so vibrant! With its navy blue and inserts of monochrome throughout. Not to mention the gold detailing. That gold will definitely glitter under the hot summer sun.


Polyvore / anthy

You’ve got to love how the crop top isn’t a plain and simple design. No. This crop top has layers and crochet. Such a lovely piece in itself. But paired with the skirt. Just wow.
18. Lace Top, Denim Shorts & Ankle Boots

Brown and bohemian. It just works. We adore the accessories in this outfit. You must agree. This lace top is so pretty and a must have for any fashionista’s closet.


Polyvore / oliverab

Although crop tops are so on trend at the moment – you have to love how even with this top being full length it still looks awesome. Later on a few necklaces and a bracelet and you’ll be ready to rock Coachella.
19. Cute Bohemian Dress

This dress is stunning. The cinched in waist is great as it will accentuate your curves. Check out these flute sleeves. They are adorable. And the tie up at the neck is really cute too.


Polyvore / monmondefou

The fringe detailed bag matches so nicely with the brown of the dress. It’s all about picking out colours from your main piece to match your accessories to.
20. Edgy, All Black Look

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Look at this stunning statement necklace. It’s called statement for a reason. Absolutely gorgeous. Without the necklace or chain belt this dress would actually look quite plain. The chain detailing on the hat ties the whole look together.


Polyvore / baludna

Yes! Finally a look with some biker boots in it. These boots are perfect for Coachella. Well any festival really.
21. Print Kimono + Denim Shorts

Such a pretty kimono. The dramatic print adds a whole other dimension to the outfit. This black bralet makes this look so much more glamorous. Especially with its ombre fringing.


Polyvore / inthestyleofnina

It can be difficult to pick a suitable necklace for an outfit. Different necklines call for different styles. This choker is perfect as it doesn’t draw attention away from the overall look.The spiral bangle is a nice touch too.
22. Black Denim Shorts + Camel Hat

Brown’s out and camel’s in. Camel and black make such a pretty combination. These two simple colours look like they wouldn’t mesh nicely together, but they really do. Camel suede is gorgeous. It goes to show two simple colours really can make an impact.


Polyvore / deeyanago

You’ve got to love this choker-necklace combo. This is the perfect neckline for the chosen necklace. Adds a bit of glam without going over the top.
23. Simple & Comfy

Coachella is full of some really out-there looks, so it’s really nice to see someone rocking a simple and comfy outfit. That someone could be you. The pointed black booties give this look a dash of edginess.


Polyvore / rxchly

Always aim for comfort. That’s our advice anyway. This outfit is the best of both worlds. It’s comfortable for sure, but it is also fashionable. Especially with the unique crop top.
24. Boho Dress + Fringe Bag

This dress encapsulates everything bohemian. It’s patterned. It’s floaty. And it’s got some awesome sleeves too. We adore these lace up heeled sandals. When you’re wearing a loose fitting dress you want your legs to look their best. Heels will make your legs look longer and amazing.


Polyvore / agdancer10

These ones are perfect as you lace them up. Lace up is so on trend right now. Pair that with a fringe bag and you’ll look hot to trot.
25. White Lace Dress + Ankle Boots

This is such a beautiful dress. White. Lace. Look at how gorgeous the floaty sleeves are too. The cinched in waist will give you a bit of shape. You won’t need many rings for this look. If any. We suggest just one. Don’t want to go too over the top right?


Polyvore / joy2thahworld

The soft brown boots and bag are so pretty. They compliment the outfit effortlessly. Even the boots are accessorised. How awesome is that?
26. Casual Black Outfit

Here’s another look with some beautifully accessorised footwear. The shoes in this look so comfortable. You could wear these all weekend long and feel like you’ve been wearing slippers the whole time.


Polyvore / alaria

The great thing with black is that it goes with anything. You could pick any colour to accessorise with. Or more than one colour if you’re feeling daring. We also really like the edgy double-ended earrings in this look.
27. Cute, Girly Outfit

Cute and girly – there are no better words to describe this outfit. The floral sundress will keep you cool all weekend long. Plus you got a cardigan for when the temperature drops in the evening.


Polyvore / davis-hm

The accessories match again in this outfit, which is definitely a must. Even the sunglasses match well with the brown colour. You have to have a flower crown. It’s a must. Coachella wouldn’t be the same without it.
28. Boho Dress + Coin Necklace

WOW. Check out this coin necklace. We have so much love for coins in necklaces. They look beautiful. This necklace is definitely making a statement. This dress is the perfect style to wear with it too.


Polyvore / ellieteter

Although it is patterned, the print is quite tame so the necklace will actually contrast well with the red of the dress. Fringe heeled sandals and a floppy hat are a must. All black too.
29. Crochet Crop Top + Denim Shorts

It’s really lovely to see burgundy in such a summery look. Burgundy is normally associated with autumn but it actually looks really great in this outfit. The crochet is a nice touch.


Polyvore / evelynrodriguez-3

Brown accessories are definitely the way to go. And trust us, you can never go wrong with fringing. Plus the fact that the blue detailing on the back of these boots match the blue denim shorts, is such an awesome addition.
30. Modern Hippie Look

This is a beautiful hippie look. If this is how modern looks like, we are in. This skirt is truly incredible. So many wonderful colours swirl through it, giving you limitless options for picking accessories to pair with it.


Polyvore / lidia-solymosi

We definitely recommend keeping it simple like this though. Why would you want to draw attention away from the gorgeous print? The burgundy is a lovely touch and we really like the soft brown too.
31. Black Lace Dress + Black Hat

Black, black, black. Here’s another one for you. The final one, don’t worry. We do like to give you options though as it can be hard to wear all black and have it look good.
Polyvore / itz-seselovly

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