Awesome Makeup Tutorial

The Instagram-look is a perfect curated makeup look that’s accentuated for selfies, filters and whatever else people do on the photo-sharing social media site.

Step 1. Prime Your Face

You don’t want your followers to know you have pores, do you? Spread that primer everywhere and get that flawless canvas.

Step 2. Foundation

Apply foundation; blend seamlessly.


Step 3. Highlight and Contour

Highlight the high points of your face: eyes, chin, middle of forehead, down the bridge of your nose.


Contour under the cheekbones, forehead (near the hairline), along the jawline, and outlining the bridge of your nose.


Step 4. Bake Your Face

Apply translucent powder under the eyes and cheekbones, right below your contour. Also apply above your lips, on your chin and down the center of your nose. Blend it out. The point of baking is to create the bone structure you’ve always wanted.
Contour under the cheekbones, forehead (near the hairline), along the jawline, and outlining the bridge of your nose.


Step 5. Eyes

When it comes to Instagram makeup, nude is in. Take your favorite nude shadow and use it to define your crease.


Apply a lighter shade as highlighter under your eyebrows’ arch for definition.


Apply a darker brown shade to your lids.


Take that same dark brown shade and line your lower lash line with it.


Step 6. Winged Eyeliner

You know what to do.


Step 7. Mascara and False Eyelashes



Step 8. Brows

Fill your brows in the Instagram way: dark and defined.


Step 9. Clean

Blend any excess powder.


Step 10. Re-touch the Contour

Re-touch the contour below the cheekbones, on the forehead (near the hairline), along the jawline, the bridge and tip of your nose.


Step 11. Blush

Apply lightly on the cheekbones.


Step 12. Highlight Your Face

Apply highlight on top of your cheekbones, middle of the nose, and inner corner of your eyes.


Step 13. Lips

Use a lip liner to shape your lips. Since we’re doing Instagram makeup, don’t be afraid to over-line your lips for a fuller, K. Jenner effect.


Apply your lip color of choice or, to stick with the theme of the day, go for a nude, matte lipstick.


Now you’re ready to take Instagram by storm!


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