Nail Trends for Fall/Winter 2014-15


As the warm summer days begin to ebb, our vibes, apparel and color palette change. With winter ever so near a slight chill begins to fill the November air, and that means it’s time to think about renewing your nails with some classy autumn/winter shades. Here’s what’s up for 2015 for your nails!

Opt for darker and deeper hues, royal and noble colors like blue, gold, black, Bordeaux, loud and proud glitter, wine shades, plum color, or muted creamy greys, khakis, nudes and browns. The manicure is, for the majority of fashionistas, a sort of jewellery rather than just a “coloring-of-the-nails”. It is an easy and affordable way how to heat up your winter outfit. So look no further than a bottle of trendy nail polish.

Natural nail length and shape


The shape and length of your nails can provide your hands with a chic appearance. Trends in nail length and color change systematically, and this season at the peak of popularity is almond-shaped and oval free edges for the nail. Also for the coming winter season is the always acceptable “natural shape”. This look tends to feature shorter length nails but will rate very high this season. These are the main two trends coming this 2015 winter season

Metal shades


As for polishes, golden shades will always be the sure sign of luxury, so add some metallics to your must-have list of polishes for the season. Whatever shade of metallic you opt for, your nails will look sophisticated. Metallic nails—from silver to bronze and gold will never look better than with fall outfits. In fact, you can think of them as stand-in for bling bling!

Moon- type nails


This is one of the mega trends for the season. There’s a wide range of options which you can choose for experiments. The moon nail look is like an inverse French manicure but with the moon next to your cuticle instead at the tip of the nail. It’s for you to decide which one you like the most: you can begin with something traditional and classic or bold, taken with shades like silver and black or white and nude or burgundy and gold. There are also some innovative solutions like forming an arrow space instead of half-circular shapes. You will be in vogue using the colors I’ve mentioned above, but frankly color combinations are limited only by your imagination.



Stripes of different sizes and lengths are a super-easy way to create your nail design. Vertical direction and incredible shade combos is all you have to think about. You are free to choose any contrast shades that suits your mood.

Glittery and Shimmery Nails


Do you still think that glittery and shimmery is not for everyday looks? Please, there’s plenty of cool combinations which will make you look chic not only in everyday life but also in case of some occasions or special events. Glitters look especially nice on a dark base color such as navy, lilac, plum, burgundy or black.

Lace manicure


Girls always remain girls, which means they love lace. And you definitely have to rock lace nails this season. Even if you don’t have special drawing skills for doing your nails on your own, some lace templates will help you to perform really neat manicures in no time.

Nude nails


If you are more conservative in nature and admire natural nail polishes, congrats, nude nails are voguish for the coming season. This nude trend managed to gain unexpected popularity. When I say nude, you want to imagine tones like beige, milky white, peach, cream, etc. Whether it has the matte shades or some glittery textures depends on the one you actually choose.

French manicure


There’s no season when the traditional French manicure should be left behind. The reason it’s billed as a “classic look” for nails has to do with it’s rich, “finished” appearance! But the “French mani” is no longer about a pale-toned base and white tips, no! Now it comes in breathtaking, full color. Various combos beginning with black and white to dark gray or a maroon are acceptable. Your daring experiments are certainly encouraged.

Remember that you can go completely against these trends and wear the opposite. That actually might be the in-thing, as well. :) But no matter what color your nails, you should keep them nourished and healthy.

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