Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Makeup FAILS

#1 This is the face of the future

Mascara application is so HARD sometimes guys, so if you ever mess up, just add some more layers and no one will be the wiser.


#2 Please don’t hurt us

We are truly scared of her, and we’re sure that’s exacty the look she was going for.


#3 Friends don’t let friends look like this

Well at least they have each other…their commitment to looking like Candyland rejects is commendable.


#4 No thanks

Well all this stuff going on on this person’s face definitely sends one crystal clear signal: I will infect you with something and likely kill yo afterwards.


#5 Makeup is supposed to HELP people

This is just not making the best out of a bad situation now is it. Play up your strengths honey! They’re there, promise.


#6 A for effort

This probably took a long time, and some expenditure on both energy and finances for this person. And perhaps some psychotropic drugs.


#7 Monochrome disaster

Yep, you basically missed the mark on each makeup task set before you. But kudos for using one eyeliner pencil to create all that.


#8 A question of quantity over quality

Yeah and you would think, with all that going on maybe powder would have made it into the mix somehow, but no, she shines like a latex bank robber’s mask.


#9 Fright Night

Welp…there’s this. There is a reason why circus clowns are so frightening to so many people, and it’s because they remind us of ACTUAL people who look like they might kill us.


#10 Playing up accessories

Ah yes, we see what you’ve done there. Clever you! It’s so subtle, you’d better keep gesturing towards your earring like that just to be sure less clever people get it.


#11 Permanent surprise

Man we really can’t tell if she’s pulling a face, or if this obnoxious expression is 100% painted on.


#12 Tan Disaster

This is not photoshopped. Yeah basically these girls used their natural skin tone as an eye shadow, and the rest, well, the blonde hair isn’t enough to hide the fact that there’s a chocolate factory missing some Oompa Loompas.


#13 Again with the brows

And here’s the same problem, but on the other end of this horrifying spectrum. Do these people have friends? Or do all their friends secretly hate them?


#14 Eyebrow FAIL

Probably there’s a nice-looking girl under all that eyebrow…somewhere…but who cares.



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