How to Transform Old Bras

Check out these 15 awesome DIY concepts for repurposing old bras into things you can wear and use again!

1. Embellished bralette top

Do you have at least a little bit of sewing experience and feel confident making seams and working with small lengths of fabric? Then you probably have the skills it takes to transform an old bra into an adorable bralette top instead! Chictopia shows you how to make that happen and also how to add a few studs, beads, or other embellishments to really tie the piece together.

2. Bra to bathing suit top

Have you always liked the way a particular bra fit but the straps are broken or starting to wear out so you can’t keep wearing it the way it currently is? Then try following in Tasha Del Rae‘s footsteps and turning that bra into a bathing suit top instead! This lets you replace the straps with a halter tie instead and the tutorial also shows you how to cover the rest with a stretchy, water friendly fabric of your choosing.

3. Adjustable bra strap bracelet

Perhaps you went through your closet and, instead of finding bras that you needed to get rid of, you actually found a few loose straps from your strapless or transformable bras that have become disconnected and aren’t being used anymore? You can even upcycle those on their own too, without the rest of the bra! A Few Good Things teaches you how to make an adjustable bracelet embellished with a cute trinket, bead, or pendant of your choosing.

4. Lace undershirt

Do you have a pretty collection of lace appliques and an old bra? Then you have everything you need to make a stunning little peekaboo lace undershirt for wearing under jackets and V-neck sweaters! One-O shows you how to make it happen.

5. Elastic strappy bra

We’ve already talked about alterations that involve taking the straps off your old bra, but have you ever thought about adding straps? Multi-strap bralettes are all the rage right now and Operation Overhaul shows you how to make one of your own instead of buying a new one.

6. Macrame back bra

Were you intrigued by the idea of adding fun strap patterns to a bra to create a cute look for wearing under cut out shirts, but you’re looking for something just a touch more intricate to look really impressive? Well, limber up your fingers and get ready to start weaving, because Trash to Couture has all the steps laid out for teaching you to attach a macramé back to a bra you don’t wear anymore.

7. Backless dress inserts

Have you ever tried on a dress and loved the style, but the fit on your chest just isn’t quite right? Sometimes we find that we need a bra in the front for support, but the cut in the back isn’t really bra friendly, making choosing your garments just about impossible. That’s where this idea from Skunkboy comes in to save the day! They show you how to detach the straps from a bra and sew it into the front of a cute dress to make sure it fits well and has good shape when you wear it.

8. Bra strap headband

Do you still have leftover bra straps after you made yourself a few adjustable bracelets and you’re still looking for projects that might use them up? Then try making yourself a headband just like Ashby Family did here! This project keeps it simple but still gets creative enough to make something that’s actually useful.

9. Fringed crop top

Are you still caught on the idea of making bralettes and crop tops but none of the styles we’ve shown you so far have quite held your attention? Well, here’s an alternative that will definitely catch your eye! Rascalkosher shows you how to attach fringe trimming to a bra to create a crop top fit for a showgirl!

10. DIY cage bra

Did you love the idea of a multi-strap bralette like we showed you above but you’d rather have those straps extend all the way around the front of the bra as well as the back so it really makes a statement? Then make yourself one of these cage bras outlined by Hello Gwen!

11. Studded bra top

Perhaps you admire all of the different designs for embellished bras that we’ve shown you so far but your personal tastes are actually a little bit edgier than what you’ve seen? Then DIY studs are definitely the answer for you! All the Good Girls Go to Heaven shows you how they amped up the style of this piece using studs with clamping teeth to grip the material.

12. DIY backless bra

Do you have several backless dresses or tops that you love wearing but sometimes you get tired of trying to coordinate a bralette with the top to make it suit when the bra shows? Then try making yourself a backless bra instead! Sure, you can buy stick on cups and backless bras in stores, but they’re often rather pricey. RayLee shows you how to make your own for far less!

13. DIY patterned caged bustier

Bustier tops have been in style for quite some time now but we’re so in love with them that we’re nothing but glad that they haven’t gone out of trend yet. We love watching the designs evolve and we especially love the form fitting cage style of bustier with a high waisted skirt or pair of shorts. As usual, however, we’ll always opt to make our own instead of buying one whenever we can! Then we get to choose the fabric and pattern we want rather than trying to pick from limited store options. This tutorial on Handmade with Paige will help you make a stunning bustier just like the one in the picture, but with your own pattern and colour scheme!

14. No-sew bra purse

When we started talking about upcycling old bras, were you picturing projects that turn the bra into something else rather than into another type of top to wear? Maybe you were scrolling our list looking for something a little more novelty than a bathing suit top or a bustier. In that case, here’s a suggestion just for you! Slapdash Mom shows you how to turn a bra into a cute little rounded pouch purse and you don’t even have to know how to sew to make it!

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