Fashion Trends for Summer 2017

This year’s trends require experimenting a little bit and going outside of your comfort zone when it comes to dressing up. This makes us really happy because we finally get to wear something new and fresh that haven’t been seen for the hundred time now. Check out the ten looks we picked for you!

1. Waist Cincher


Waist cinchers were introduced during the fashion weeks earlier this year and some of the most popular fashion bloggers were the first to be seen wearing it. One of them is the Italian blogger behind The Blonde Salad – Chiara Ferragni. Soon after this, waist cinchers became really popular and today you can easily find them together with a shirt, blouse or dress.

2. Banker Stripes


The banking world has now more influence in our lives than just in our finances. The fashion world took some inspiration from the banker’s wardrobe and it came out as one of the biggest trends for this year. Blue with white stripes is the most common of the banker shirts and blouses we see now, and considering how summer-y the whole stripes thing is, we’re sure that we’re going to see a lot more of it.

3. Off the Shoulder Cut Outs


Off-the-shoulder became a popular trend last summer and we can totally see why it’s going to be for this one as well. It’s really feminine and has those summer vibes – let’s say that it really is the perfect summer outfit, no matter if it is a dress or a shirt. However, unlike last summer, this one the off-the-shoulder look got a little bit modified – it’s all about being asymmetrical now with huge sleeves, cut outs and bows.

4. Khaki


Forget about khaki pants – this summer is all about being just khaki-inspired. The color and the material remain the same, but it’s the shirt that matters. This summer we’re going to see a lot of asymmetrical pieces, so when you combine these two trends into one, we’re pretty sure that you’re going to look like a real street style star.

5. Robes


Robes are a new trend and we’re definitely looking forward to see more of it. There’s something very elegant about the way they’re included in this year’s fashion trends! You can choose to wear a robe just like the picture, but we’re seeing more and more robe dresses, so that’s something worth trying as well. It will be ideal for those hot, summer days!

6. See-Through Skirt


We’re back at Chiara Ferragni’s style file – she isn’t a style influencer for nothing! During the fashion weeks earlier this year, she wore a see-through black skirt matched with a graphic t-shirt and a blazer. It was a real Parisian look that we’re going to see way more often during this summer – maybe not all of it, but the see-through skirt for sure.

7. White Shirt Dress


The over-sized, boyfriend shirts that we can never have enough of will always be in style in this way or another. They are comfortable to wear, leave plenty of space for experiment with accessories and they look super stylish! You find cheap dress shirts such as this one in many stores, or you can just borrow one from your boyfriend.

8. Sequins


Glitter all the way, and they will catch everyone’s attention for sure! Turning heads on a shiny outfit is something that is hard not to do. We can completely understand if a dress all covered in sequins is too much glittery for you, but luckily there are many other sequin pieces that you can wear and you can easily match with other stuff from your wardrobe.

9. Artsy


It kind of reminds us of pop art, so for all of you out there who are huge fans of art this season you can find many pieces design in the spirit of art. Bold colors, crazy shapes are just few of the things why we love this trend so much. While most of the other trends are aimed at making us look all elegant and classy, this one is charming in its own unique way.

10. Yellow


This bright, happy color is rarely seen on clothes comparing to the other colors. It’s a bit of an unusual choice for a color, but that doesn’t mean that you should give it a try. There were many designer who had yellow in their spring/summer collections and as you can see, the street style responded positively to this trend.

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