How to Make Your Own Leather Bracelet Jewelry

1 Leather and Fabric Studded Bracelets

Leather and Fabric Studded Bracelets: Learn to make a DIY Leather Bracelet with fun fabric and stud embellishment. A perfect DIY Bracelet for summer stacking! (via Hello Natural)

2 Leather Friendship Bracelet


Leather Friendship Bracelet: I was so excited to share these DIY Leather Friendship Bracelets with you. They are so quick to make and look amazing stacked with other friendship bracelets, chain bracelets, you name it! You can never have enough friends, or friendship bracelets for that matter. They say more is… (via TiB)

3 Leather Box Braid Bangles


Leather Box Braid Bangles: A few of you asked me for some detailed instructions on the box braid bangle. Also, my posts from this week got deleted because of the host switch. So I’m posting about this again. I used a distres… (via Sketch42)

4 5 Minutes Leather Bracelet


5 Minutes Leather Bracelet: Having made jewelry for a while now, I have to say this is one of the easiest bracelets I’ve ever made. This is the perfect bracelet if you are a beginner and just starting to make jewelry pieces This bracelet is so easy that you’ll find you just might be making them for all of your friends (via Artzy Creations)

5 Plumbing Supplies Bracelet


Plumbing Supplies Bracelet (via Style Hurricane)

6 Hand Stamped Leather Bracelet


Hand Stamped Leather Bracelet: Maybe for a Mother’s Day Gift Idea? (via Lil Blue Boo)

7 Beaded Leather Bracelet


Beaded Leather Bracelet: I have an extra cute tutorial today that I know you’re just going to love! This beaded bracelet is super easy to make and ever so fun to wear. I saw a similar bracelet to this one recently at Bloomingdales while I was pulling products for a fashion post. So I thought these might be kind of (via Fab You Bliss)

8 Quick Leather Bracelet


Quick Leather Bracelet: make your own leather bracelet (via

9 Leather Cuff Bracelet


Leather Cuff Bracelet: Lately Ive been really interested in leather. Like wearing black, its a fashion staple that never goes out of style. And it goes perfectly with my other favorite thing hardware. I combined the two in this simple but stylish bracelet that makes a big statement. If you’ve never worked with leather before it might seem intimidating due to all the different types and specialty tools. Don’t be afraid to start with a simple project like this and work your way up. (via Think Crafts)

10 Leather Cord and Metal Tube Bracelet


Leather Cord and Metal Tube Bracelet (via Juliette Laura)

11 Leather Bracelets From a Belt


Leather Bracelets From a Belt: I had this nude colored leather belt that I never used. It was meant to be tied around my waist, but because the leather is so stiff, it just didn’t look good… just sort of awkward… (via NimiDesign)

12 Hospital Bracelet


Hospital Bracelet: Let’s play doctor today with a little DIY, I’ll show you how to make this cool thing. 1. Measure around your wrist with a little bit of ease. 2. If you (via cyeoms)

13 Accordion Statement Bracelet


Accordion Statement Bracelet: How to make an Accordion Statement Bracelet created by Xenia Kuhn for (via

14 Leather Bar Bracelet


Leather Bar Bracelet (via eat.sleep.MAKE)

15 Pastel Braid Bracelet


Pastel Braid Bracelet (via Into Mind)

16 Leather Bow Bracelet


Leather Bow Bracelet (via Oh the Lovely Things)

17 Studded Leopard Suede Bracelet


Studded Leopard Suede Bracelet: Learn how to make a bracelet wrapped in handmade leopard printed suede, complete with studs. DIY tutorial by Kirsten Nunez featuring a bracelet by Ettika. (via Studs & Pearls)

18 Leather Bow Bracelet


Leather Bow Bracelet: Recently Ive felt an urge to deck myself out in a few gold bows, maybe its a nod to the final golden hours of summer, or the fact that I’m off to Japan this weekend where bows are practically a uniform, but I cant get enough of them. Recently I created this leather bow bracelet and… (via a pair & a spare)

19 Cut Out Leather Cuff


Cut Out Leather Cuff: Not long ago, I was reminded of how fun it was to cut out leather into fancy shapes (much like my mom’s cookbook). Which spurred the idea of making some jewelry. I do love me some bracelets that do… (via Melissa Esplin)

20 Boho Cuff


Boho Cuff: This weekend I did way too many leather projects. Every project I was working on I thought, “this would look better with some leather.” And then that branched off into creating a few other leather … (via The Merry Thought)

21 Leather Illusion Knot Cuff


Leather Illusion Knot Cuff: inspiration realisation realization diy fashion blog (via Inspiration and Realisation)

22 Leather Embroidered Bracelet


Leather Embroidered Bracelet (via Sincerely, Kinsey)

23 Leather & Chain Cuff


Embroidery Leather Bracelet: Mix embroidery and a leather bracelet for this easy and stylish DIY project. (via Kittenhood)

24 Embroidery Leather Bracelet


Embroidery Leather Bracelet: Mix embroidery and a leather bracelet for this easy and stylish DIY project. (via Kittenhood)

25 Leather and Spike Bracelet


Leather and Spike Bracelet (via Lusting for Lavish)

26 Leather and Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet


Leather and Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet: Hi guys! I first saw this idea on Pinterest from Honestly WTF last year and thought I have to make one of these! Like most things that I see and want to make, it takes me a looong time to actually get around to making them. I had some fat leather lacing around and decided to give the bracelet a (via My So Called Crafty Life)

27 Leather Lanyard Bracelet


Leather Lanyard Bracelet: Make a sophisticated camp bracelet with this leather lanyard DIY (via …love Maegan)

28 Chunky Leather Bracelet


Chunky Leather Bracelet: Leather bracelet tutorial by (via

29 Small Triangles Leather Bracelet


Small Triangles Leather Bracelet: Happy Saturday friends! This past week I was feeling the itch to expand my jewelry collection. Anyone that knows me would say that I am a pretty simple gal when it comes to the jewelry department. In fact, most days I don’t wear any at all. But last week I was feeling it. My go-to piece (via Gimme Some Oven)

30 Leather Tag Bracelet


Leather Tag Bracelet: I’m doing much better with my efforts to wear more interesting outfits and accessories. I’m also doing better at putting on make-up in the morning. I should qualify – I’m putting on make-up about t… (via I Still Love You by Melissae Splin)

31 Leather and Yarn Bracelet


Leather and Yarn Bracelet: Ive been on a mission to create more fun jewelry that my boys would like to wear. Ive mentioned this before, but I dig it when boys wear bracelets (and rings!). My daughter loved this bracelet too, so I really think it could be for either girls or boys. I like to think of xs READ MORE (via Flax & Twine)

32 Bow Leather Bracelet


Bow Leather Bracelet: Today I am going to show you how I made the items above! First off I am going to show you how to make plain leather bracelets. You are going to need some type of fabric or leather. The important th… (via Rags to Couture)

33 Leather Studded Bracelet


Leather Studded Bracelet (via The Perfect Pear)

34 Wrap Bracelet


Wrap Bracelet: You should all know by now that we are all about stacking bracelets on our wrists. The more, the better. In fact . . . the most, the best! With that being said, we’ll show you how to master a version of the ever so popular wrap bracelet. It’s so simple and addicting, you’ll soon be churning out (via Honestly WTF)

35 Leather Cords Bracelet


Leather Cords Bracelet (via creativ)

36 Rhinestone Leather Bracelets


Rhinestone Leather Bracelets: How to make rhinestone leather bracelets // the easiest way to add rhinestone rivets. (via A Pumpkin And A Princess)

37 Leather Wrap Bracelet


Leather Wrap Bracelet (via Poppytalk)

38 Leather Arrow Bracelet


Leather Arrow Bracelet: Creating and maintaining a website can be complicated enough, without the stress of ensuring there are opportunities for people to spread the word. Simple Share Buttons allows your visitors to share your content with ease, and you as a provider to offer the service worry-free. (via by Wilma)

39 Stylish Leather Wrapped Bracelet


Stylish Leather Wrapped Bracelet (via HandMadera)

40 Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet


Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet (via Thanks, I Made It)

41 Jump Ring and Cord Leather Bracelet


Jump Ring and Cord Leather Bracelet: This DIY leather bracelet combines leather cord, jump rings and metal beads, and can be made up in any color for a nice fall accessory! Great for beginners! (via Crafts Unleashed)

42 Bottega Veneta Woven Leather Bracelet


Bottega Veneta Woven Leather Bracelet: inspiration realisation realization diy fashion blog (via inspiration and realisation)

43 Leather and Bronze Bracelet


Leather and Bronze Bracelet (via Lines Across)

44 Easy Leather Bracelet


Easy Leather Bracelet (via WobiSobi)

45 Knotted Leather Bracelet


Knotted Leather Bracelet: A great tutorial on how to make DIY knotted leather bracelets, which are perfect for stacking! Wear them yourself and make some for your friend. (via Hello Natural)

46 Macrame Bracelet


Macrame Bracelet: Growing up by the beach in Southern California, the ability to knot a macrame bracelet was practically a right of passage. Although those days are long behind us, we’ve never forgotten the ever-so-simple square knot technique. This time, however, we’re replacing hemp and wooden beads for more (via Honestly WTF)

47 Painted Leather Bracelet


Painted Leather Bracelet: I’m so excited to share this D.I.Y. with you today! If you love the look of geometric bracelets this season, this one is for you. Emma and I have a deep love for our local leather store and as a result, have a giant stash of leather scraps. This project is fun to create and a great gift idea! 1-2. Cut strips of leather that are 1-2 inches longer than… (via A Beautiful Mess)

48 Fancy Leather Bracelets


Fancy Leather Bracelets: Make these stylish and simple leather bracelets in three varieties. Use the pattern and step-by-step tutorial. (via Lia Griffith)

49 Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet


 Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet: description (via Crème de la Craft)

50 Leather + Climbing Rope Macrame Bracelets

Leather + Climbing Rope Macrame Bracelets: Its been a while since I made a bracelet that I was really excited about, which is why I had so much fun making today’s DIY project. Stefan and I were wandering around Abbott-Kinney on our last trip to LA and I spotted some bracelets just like these in … (via The Stripe)

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