Awesome DIY Hair Accessories

1 Fabric Flower Hair Accessory


Fabric Flower Hair Accessory (via Simply Vintage Girl)

2 Fabric Headband


Fabric Headband: This diy headband is a great beginner sewing project. (via Craft Snob)

3 Jeweled Hair Elastic


Jeweled Hair Elastic: Usually every night before David’s bath time my hair gets thrown in a ponytail using a soft hair elastic like these. Since I’m using them more and more, I thought of a simple DIY for a handmade gif… (via The Small Things Blog)

4 Fancy Headbands


Fancy Headbands: I love to make homemade gifts. I usually get a *little* too ambitious with the amount of gifts I plan to make and end up doling out gift cards, but I mean well all the same. This year I am planning to make some fancy headbands for my far away friends and nieces. These are a snap to make so you won’t fall behind on your gift list! Step 1:… (via A Beautiful Mess)

5 Leather Hair Tie


Leather Hair Tie (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

6 Wax Print Headwrap


Wax Print Headwrap: Summer is all about ease and so when it comes to my hair during these hot months, the least amount of time spent fussing over it – the better. Enter the hair wrap. It has saved many straight-out-of-the-pool dos, camping-without-a-hairdryer coifs, and just about everything in between. We’ve always (via Honestly WTF)

7 Pearl Hair Piece


Pearl Hair Piece: Pearls are sprinkled everywhere this year, pretty and precious. Chanels inspiring Karl Lagerfeld included a large number of pearls in his S/S 12 fashion shows and often times these were used to embellish the models hair-dos. I will be doing some simple pearl hair-pins for you soon, but after so long off DIYing, I felt like making something a little more creative this time So, I had a good dig Continue reading (via Clones N Clowns)

8 Bohemian Chain Headpiece


Bohemian Chain Headpiece (via All The Good Girls Go To Heaven)

9 Throwback Scrunchie


Throwback Scrunchie: Have you heard?! I’m heading to the Snap! blog conference in April and I am beyond excited! I sure will miss my boys and my husband for those five days but I’m looking forward to learning, growing and more importantly, getting to meet some of these other amazing bloggers that I can now call some…Read More (via Made to be a Momma)

10 Stylish Bobby Pin


Stylish Bobby Pin: Easy to make Stylish Bobby Pins, perfect hair accessory to give a little glamour to a hairdo. Inexpensive to make. (via The DIY Dreamer)

11 Glitter Bobby Pin


Glitter Bobby Pin: If you’re a girl-on-the-go, chances are you’ll have to put your hair up in a quick updo, bun or chignon from time to time. That’s great if you’re rushing to work or a meeting, but what happens when you’re heading to a wedding, on a date or to a holiday party after work. This tutorial [] (via The Beauty Department)

12 Spike Barrette


Spike Barrette (via Hello, Whimsy)

13 Pearl Hair Comb


Pearl Hair Comb: My niece Lily is beautiful willowy, with big liquid brown eyes, long stunning mahogany hair. She loves to dress in an understated way grays, blacks, and plums, in solids and stripes.She is turning 11 (okay, she already turned 11 and I’m late sending the gift, but who doesn’t like a late birthday present in the mailbox?). When READ MORE (via Flax and Twine)

14 Bejeweled Hair Comb


Bejeweled Hair Comb: Easy and pretty DIY hair combs for so many different hair styles and perfect gifts. (via …love Maegan)

15 Creaseless Hair Ties


Creaseless Hair Ties (via Life in the Green House)

16 Rodarte Star Hair Pins


Rodarte Star Hair Pins (via Hello, Whimsy)

17 Lace Headband


Lace Headband: I love lace, especially this time of year! Today I want to share a super easy technique for stitching up a lace headband. You can do this project is less than 10 minutes! Enjoy… Supplies Needed: Three types of lace (1 yard of each is more than enough!), scissors, needle and thread. 1. measure your head from ear to ear (just below the ear) over the crown of your head…. (via A Beautiful Mess)

18 Paper Flower Hair Accessory


Paper Flower Hair Accessory (via Paper and Stitch)

19 Downtown Abbey Inspired Hair Accessory


Downtown Abbey Inspired Hair Accessory (via Madigan Made)

20 Maxi Bow Hair Clip


Maxi Bow Hair Clip: Hello ?! Is anyone here ?! Oh you are still here !!!! Thanks so much for stopping by when I have been out and about doing other stuff, I have been as busy as the bees on my DIY espadrills and haven’t had time to blog. All good though, lots of fun things going on ! And now I’m BACK ! Talking of which, I hope you’re up for a Continue reading (via Clones N Clowns)

21 Rose Hair Clip


Rose Hair Clip (via Serenity Now)

22 Floral Clip


Floral Clip: By: Caroline Drake I love the look of a handmade floral headpiece. You can transform your entire look just by putting one on, and they are super easy to (via Project Wedding)

23 Chain Hair Tie


Chain Hair Tie: Easy step by step on making a chain hair tie Elle Frost…the greatness of this little thing is that it looks great around your wrist as well as your… (via Elle Frost)

24 Convertible Necklace Headband


Convertible Necklace Headband: description (via Crème de la Craft)

25 Braided Liberty Headband


Braided Liberty Headband: Hello ! Today Im fighting an old wives tale Since I cut my hair short(er), I feel like I can do one million things with it. I can seriously change style on a daily basis, and this is so different from what people usually say about short hair. How many times have I heard people say they don’t want to cut their hair so that they can carry on doing Continue reading (via Clones N Clowns)

26 Embroidery Wrapped Hair Comb


Embroidery Wrapped Hair Comb (via Kristina J.)

27 Flower Crown


Flower Crown: Whether you have a party, wedding, or just want to wear flowers in your hair, learning how to make a flower crown is the perfect way to add some fun to your outfit! (via The Crafted Life)

28 Perfect Head Scarf


Perfect Head Scarf: Cristi shares how to make your own head scarf that you can tie in a bow to spice up your summer look! (via How Does She?)

29 Anthropologie Knock Off Bobby Pins


Anthropologie Knock Off Bobby Pins (via Little Miss Momma)

30 Button Ponytail Holders


Button Ponytail Holders (via Everything Etsy)

31 Lauren Headband


Lauren Headband (via Ruffles and Stuff)

32 Hair Chain


Hair Chain (via I SPY DIY)

33 Word Up Hair Grips


Word Up Hair Grips: Who wants to hide their hair grips when you can greet someone with them instead! The options are limitless as you don’t have to stick to just one word.Send a message (Positive Vibes) or make name hair grips for all you friends. No one will look at the back of your head the same way (via Fall for DIY)

34 Spike Comb


Spike Comb: We first fell in love with Jennifer Behr’s dinosaur headbands after seeing them on the runway at Fendi. Then, we crushed hard on this Maison Michel metal spiked hair comb spotted on Elena Perminova in Paris. Perhaps we can blame our attraction on our stegosaurus obsession (yes, this is true). Or (via Honestly WTF)

35 Painted Seashell Accessories


Painted Seashell Accessories: A fun summer craft to do with kids, paint seashells with nail polish and make hair accessories. Ideas for seashell crafts, crafts to do with kids (via Polka Dot Chair)

36 Hunger Games Katniss-Inspired Hair Clip


Hunger Games Katniss-Inspired Hair Clip (via Art for All)

37 Pleated Headband


Pleated Headband (via Craftiness is Not Optional)

38 Painted Bobby Pins


Painted Bobby Pins: Normally I would want my hair (via Reese Kistel)

39 Knit Hair Bow


Knit Hair Bow (via m é l i m é l o)

40 Fun Hair Clips


Fun Hair Clips: Lately we’ve been noticing hair clips popping up everywhere. We’re loving it! In fact, back in the olden days one our very first DIY posts was how to make a hair bow. We love that clips can be edgy, cutesy or add a pop of color- depending on your outfit and your mood! Here are four ideas for simple clips you can create at home. Cut out a strip of… (via A Beautiful Mess)

41 Knotted Headband


Knotted Headband (via You Seriously Made That)

42 Embellished Bobby Pins


Embellished Bobby Pins: Cute decorative bobby pins are fun to wear but can get expensive! If you have a stash of buttons around, make these cute pins for next to nothing. Materials Needed: Bobby pins Buttons (If there are no buttons on hand use a Michaels coupon for 50% off and get a bag for just $1) Hot (via The Krazy Coupon Lady)

43 Fresh Flower Hair Bow


Fresh Flower Hair Bow: DIY Fresh Flower Hair Bows for Parties (via Studio DIY®)

44 Patterned Hair Clips


Patterned Hair Clips (via Pretty Life Girls)

45 Double Sided Fabric Headband


Double Sided Fabric Headband: Hello blog world! Its been a busy weekend! I hope all you Americans had a fabulous 4th of July. We had friends stay with us, a cookout, and my friends even had a baby shower for me. All the hustle and bustle really took a toll on my body though. Im packing my hospital bag (via Happy Together)

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