How To Make Your Lips Look Perfect

1 Find the perfect red lips that don’t require constant upkeep


Find the perfect red lips that don’t require constant upkeep (via The Beauty Department)

2 Choosing the right red lipstick for your skin tone


Choosing the right red lipstick for your skin tone: Simple Guide to choosing a red lipstick for your skin tone. If you’re not sure whether you have cool or warm undertones, I’ll help you figure that out too! (via The Radiance Report)

3 Anti-Feathering Trick for Lipstick


Anti-Feathering Trick for Lipstick: I’m a firm believer in adding this extra step, especially as we get older and lip lines creep up from years of using straws and pursing our lips (mental note: quit straws and anything else that’s harmful ASAP!). There’s nothing attractive about lipstick that has seeped into even the tiniest of lines and started traveling [] (via The Beauty Department)

4 How to Perfectly Apply Lip Liner on Thin Lips


How to Perfectly Apply Lip Liner on Thin Lips: Applying lip liner correctly is quite an easy job, once you know what the right steps are. If you’ve got thin lips, keep on reading to discover the little secrets to applying lip liner like a pro! For giving your lips a more defined look, read how to perfectly apply lip liner on shapeless lips. If you want to make your lips look plumper naturally then remember to outline just outside of your natural lip line. Don’t over do it because it will look unnatural. Pick a color one shade darker than your natural lip color and line gently just outside your Read more (via The Model Stage Blog)

5 A Spring Lip


A Spring Lip: Coming out of Winter and into Spring is my favorite time of the year! Be gone with the vamp and oxblood lips from the past months! There’s so much inspiration everywhere with daffodils popping up, cherry blossoms blooming and azaleas gazing and all can be transferred into makeup choices. There are many gorgeous collections that [] (via The Beauty Department)

6 3D Lip Effect


3D Lip Effect: I love this super quick little tip for a fuller lip! Not only because it tricks the eye into seeing a more voluminous lip, but also because its so, so pretty and makes me happy! Here’s how to pull it off: TOOLS Highlighting powder: You can use a frosted eye shadow or blush, it doesn’t [] (via The Beauty Department)

7 How to Perfectly Apply Lip Liner on Shapeless Lips


How to Perfectly Apply Lip Liner on Shapeless Lips: Learning how to perfectly line your lips is easier than you think! By now you probably know how to choose the right shade of red for your lips based on your skin tone, so now is time to find out how to line those gorgeous lips of yours based on their natural shape. Well start off today with how to apply lip liner on shapeless lips. Start by defining your cupids bow with your favorite shade of lip liner and emphasize your lips natural m shape, just like in the image below. Remember to outline just a little outside the Read more (via The Model Stage Blog)

8 How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger


How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger: I confess. I’m a total cheater. And there’s nothing wrong with the natural shape of our lips! Its just some of us have uneven lips or could benefit from a little volume every now and then. (Remember The 3-D Lip Illusion and The Fuller Lip Effect from my Beautician Magician Series?) I’m not suggesting you [] (via The Beauty Department)

9 How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller


How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller (via Makeup Geek)

10 Pretty Vamp Lip


Pretty Vamp Lip: This beauty how-to is for those of you who’ve always been curious to know if you can pull off a vamp lip but not enough to buy anything. Well get this: all you need is your black kohl eyeliner pencil (yes you heard right!). Its one of the oldest methods in makeup and has quite the [] (via The Beauty Department)

11 Conditioning Your Lips


Conditioning Your Lips: Soft, full lips make your face look healthy and beautiful. But how do you get your lips to look amazing? Start by regularly exfoliating and conditioning your lips to help them look their best. Next, add color and shine to make your lips… (via wikiHow)

12 3 Steps to the Perfect Red Lip


3 Steps to the Perfect Red Lip: Nothing says icon like a signature red lip. It exudes a sense of power and sexiness at the same time and will always be in vogue. But you don’t have to be a superstar to pull off the crimson pout. A bold pop of red will up the sex appeal of anyone’s (via Elle)

13 Yummy Lip


Yummy Lip: I didn’t invent this delicious lip stain from heaven, but thought with Labor Day weekend around the corner, what a perfect time to remind you of it! When you’re throwing your barbeque, don’t forget Kool-Aids REAL purpose to stain your lips of course! It really does work and last. Here’s how: STEP ONE: Pick your flavor [] (via The Beauty Department)

14 How to Perfectly Apply Lip Liner on Full Lips


How to Perfectly Apply Lip Liner on Full Lips: We’ve already learned how to apply lip liner on thin lips and shapeless lips, so today well learn how to perfectly line full lips! So, you want to make your full lips look thinner? Well, Ive got good news for you, its the most simple thing ever! Start off by covering your lips in a thin layer of foundation (this way the lipstick will stay on for longer and it will give your lips a thinner appearance). Next you’ll want to outline your lips just inside their natural edge. Follow up with a matte lipstick and top with a gloss.Read more (via The Model Stage Blog)

15 3 Tips for Perfect Matte Lips


3 Tips for Perfect Matte Lips: Get soft, luscious matte lips without dryness or discomfort. (via Divine Caroline)

16 Lipstick Longevity


Lipstick Longevity: How could I not share with our TBD family my favorite trick for keeping clients lip colors on all night, long past the red carpet? Some steps may seem a little odd, but they’ve worked for me for years, so I confidently know that they’ll work for you too. Here’s all you have to do: [] (via The Beauty Department)

17 Bold Matte Lip


Bold Matte Lip: Look-at-me lips were splashed all over the Fall 2013 runways at New York Fashion Week. We are showing you how to achieve this look in just 5 simple steps. (via

18 Matte Lip


Matte Lip: Today we welcome back our guest blogger Carissa Ferreri who is sharing her favorite way to turn any lipstick into a matte lipstick. Take it away, Carissa! I pride myself on bargain shopping and getting the most bang for your buck. There are so many makeup products out there and sometimes you just don’t have (via The Beauty Department)

19 Use gold glitter to make any shade metallic


Use gold glitter to make any shade metallic: What it is:A color-saturated, metallic-finish lip tar.What it does:After three years of intensive product development, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is proud to introduce a new breed of Lip Tar with a metallic finish. Infused with state-of-t (via Sephora)

20 How to Perfectly Apply Lip Liner on Uneven Lips


How to Perfectly Apply Lip Liner on Uneven Lips: We’ve already learned about how to correctly apply lip liner on thin lips, full lips and shapeless lips, and now its time to conclude the series with a tutorial on how to perfectly apply lip liner on uneven lips. Well, if you happen to have uneven lips, this is the way to correctly apply lip liner. Start off by outlining along the natural edge of the fuller half of the uneven lip and continue by outlining a bit outside of the thinner half of the lip. To balance the look, add a little more lipstick to the thinner part of Read more (via The Model Stage Blog)

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