Amazing EASY Updo Tutorials

1 Gigantic Messy Bun


Gigantic Messy Bun: Learn how to do a messy bun with with this step-by-step messy bun tutorial, aimed at creating a messy bun with long hair, and minimal products. (via Forever Amber)

2 Knotted Bun


Knotted Bun: I’ve had a couple requests on how to create the two updos above. Both were similarly constructed but one is high and somewhat clean, the other is low and intentionally messy. The process is incredibly simple. The hair is tied into knots and then wrapped into a bun. Get the full how-to after the jump. Knotted Bun Tutorial (via Parlor Diary)

3 Twist on the Low Bun


Twist on the Low Bun: Here’s another fun, cute way to pull your hair up off your shoulders during a hot, hot heatwave! Its basically a topsy-tail looped through so many times that it starts to coil. Here we go! Gather all of your hair into a ponytail in the back and secure with an elastic (we used a clear [] (via The Beauty Department)

4 Sideways French Twist


Sideways French Twist: Several months ago I showed you how to do the Chic Updo. My hair was right at my shoulders, and it was closest I could get to this style from The Knot Now that my hair is a little bit longe (via the Small Things blog)

5 Top Knot


Top Knot: We love a pretty top knot! This is a great hair style for those warm summer months since it’s a stylish way to keep your hair up and off your neck and shoulders. We love how top knots can be styled to look casual for a day out shopping or more polished for an office day. Sarah demonstrates how to get the perfect amount of body for a top knot… (via A Beautiful Mess)

6 Side Bun with Knots


Side Bun with Knots: A tutorial showing how to create a low side bun with knots on one side. (via Parlor Diary)

7 Messy Bun


Messy Bun: Step-by-step instructions for festive, put-together looks that suit most types of hair. (via Real Simple)

8 Chestnut Bum


Chestnut Bum: When I got married, I never would have thought of doing my (via Cup of Jo)

9 Braided Twist and Pin Mini Bun Hairstyle


Braided Twist and Pin Mini Bun Hairstyle: I created this braided Twist & Pin mini bun hairstyle to wear to our friends wedding after my hairdryer blew up the power to our villas in Italy. True story. That’s the problem with industrial strength hairdryers when you’re on location. These photos were taken while I was in Tuscany, Italy, for the wedding of…Read More (via Hair Romance)

10 Soft Braided Updo


Soft Braided Updo: This soft, feminine updo is the perfect compliment to all of fall’s trends. This style would nicely balance the structure of a peplum dress, the boldness of red lipstick, or the masculinity of a kick ass pair of moto boots. And it’s super quick and easy. Get the step-by-step after the jump. Soft Braided Updo 1. Start by dividing your hair into two sections, using a diagonal part. Make one section bigger than the other. Smooth into two low ponytails and secure with small bands. (via Parlor Diary)

11 Braid Wrapped Bun


Braid Wrapped Bun: Get everyday hairstyles and simple how-tos for a pulled-together, polished look in less time. (via Real Simple)

12 Voluminous Braided Updo


Voluminous Braided Updo (via Love My Hairstyle)

13 Twisted Sidebun


Twisted Sidebun (via The Freckled Fox)

14 Maiden Twists


Maiden Twists: Hi there! We’re super excited to share Katie’s adorable hairstyle idea today. We all love maiden braids (also called heidi braids or dutch braids) and Katie came up with a really cute spin on this style. Best of all, it’s super easy to style. I can’t wait to wear these… 1. Start with a section of hair behind your ear or directly above, depending on the length. 2-3. Split the… (via A Beautiful Mess)

15 Pigtails


Pigtails (via xoJane)

16 Cascade


Cascade: Step-by-step instructions for festive, put-together looks that suit most types of hair. (via Real Simple)

17 Quick and Simple Updo


Quick and Simple Updo (via Hey Wanderer)

18 French Maid Wrap


French Maid Wrap: All girls at least once in their lifetime come across a “bad hair day”. We don’t ask for it, it just happens. As a matter of fact, every time you have something important to attend to, your hair … (via Svetlana Hillkovich)

19 Messy Upside Down French Braid Bun


Messy Upside Down French Braid Bun: It’s the perfect season for some easy, messy updos. Here is a quick tutorial for an upside down french braid bun to throw together for a lovely summer day:-Flip your head upside down and brush your hair out.-Grab a section of hair at the nape of your neck.-Separate into three equal (via The Merrythought)

20 French Twist


French Twist: Step-by-step instructions for festive, put-together looks that suit most types of hair. (via Real Simple)

21 Quick Twisted Updo


Quick Twisted Updo: Learn how to create a cute, casual twisted updo hairstyle. (via Parlor Diary)

22 Easy Headband Updo


Easy Headband Updo: A fashion blog for women and mothers, accessible, affordable, boho, nerd womens fashion (via Moda Mama)

23 Quick Twist


Quick Twist: This updo/chignon was kind of a random discovery for short hair. My gorgeous client Katie, who has a long bob, was sitting in my chair and this happened so we thought wed snap some photos and share since we get a lot of requests for short hair styles! TOOLS: bobby pins, accessory, hairspray. Prep: You’ll [] (via The Beauty Department)

24 Chic Updo


Chic Updo: Have we all seen this photo?I see it all the time from brides, bridesmaids, or any other client going to a formal event.Its beautiful.So I used that as a little inspiration for a easy updo t (via the Small Things blog)

25 Top Knot


Top Knot: When you’re traveling or running to dinner, there’s nothing sexier than twisting (via Cup of Jo)

26 Chic Chignon


Chic Chignon: This past fashion week, we brought hair and makeup pro Stephanie Brinkerhoff to NYC to document some of the beauty action at the shows. While she was here, we decided to put her updo skills to the test by challenging her to give our beauty director, Annie Tomlin, a long-hair makeover. Totally (via Refinery29)

27 Simple Gibson Tuck


Simple Gibson Tuck (via Sara Lynn Paige)

28 Holiday Hair


Holiday Hair: Got a holiday party coming up and want to look fab? This high bun is sure to make you look and feel chic and beautiful. It’s surprisingly easy, too. Get the how-to after the jump. Holiday High Bun 1. Start by putting a ponytail on the top of your head. Smooth the hair into a sleek pony using pomade or wax and boar bristle brush. (via Parlor Diary)

29 Side-Swept Chignon


Side-Swept Chignon: Step-by-step instructions for festive, put-together looks that suit most types of hair. (via Real Simple)

30 Sock Bun


Sock Bun: Give yourself a fantastic bun with our DIY Sock Bun tutorial (via Wedding Chicks)

31 The Braided Brooch


The Braided Brooch:’s editors learn how to do easy updos on themselves that you can do too. (via Elle)

32 Twist Doughnut Bun


Twist Doughnut Bun (via Join the Mood)

33 Plait Party


Plait Party: Spent the last week traveling in Paris, France. Celebrated Bastille Day, had some fancy dinners, and spent some quality time with friends. But boy was it H-O-T. Walking around all day (as we tend to do when traveling) can really make you want to get that hair up and off your back! We made up [] (via The Beauty Department)

34 Messy Bun


Messy Bun: I get questions about my messy bun all the time, and Ive always been hesitant to do a tutorial. Why? Because this is my lazy go-to and I never really knew how to do a step by step on how to make your hair into a rats nest. I tried demonstrating it with photos, READ MORE… (via Keiko Lynn)

35 Double Bun


Double Bun: Step-by-step instructions for festive, put-together looks that suit most types of hair. (via Real Simple)

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