How To Become More Comfortable With Exploring Your Body And Its Needs

Communicating well with your own body and being comfortable with what it needs might seem an easy thing to do. However, many women don’t understand what they enjoy or know the pleasure they deserve. In many cases, becoming comfortable and aware of your body’s needs and desires is very much related to how confident you feel about it, which can be quite challenging to many women, especially in a stressful world controlled by many conventional and delusional definitions of success and happiness. Read through our article to learn how to become more comfortable with exploring your body and its needs.

Feeling Sexually Confident

Feeling confident in general is something that, over time, we learn that we deserve; it’s not something we’re usually born with. The first step in feeling sexually confident is to understand and acknowledge that you deserve to feel sexual pleasure and joy, and allow yourself to experience it. If you’re a person who’s sexually confident, you’ll be able to set your own boundaries and accept others’ in return. Developing feelings of confidence and acceptance of your body and yourself helps you understand the sexual needs of your partner and feel ok with what they like and dislike instead of feeling rejected.

Connecting to your Sexual Desires

Exploring your body will help you connect to your sexual desires, and be able to understand and find ways to entice sexual pleasure and joy. Sometimes, it’s hard to know the difference and understand our sexual needs without utilizing different resources, such as sex toys for women, although a lot of women might find shopping for sex toys quite intimidating and confusing. Updated research by sexologists and sex educators is now more widely available, and the range of choices is a lot more extensive than before.

Stop Bullying Your Body

Selfcare and body love practices are major factors in articulating sexual pleasure and joy. If you’re constantly giving your body negative signals, you need to change that and start replacing the negative talk with more encouraging and loving statements. Remember, it’s how you talk to yourself that influences how you feel about it, so stop criticizing yourself and start harboring feelings of compassion. The internal conversation that goes on in our heads is soon transformed into thoughts that we start believing in even if they’re not true. These negative thoughts will change how you feel about yourself and will convince you that you don’t deserve to be loved or feel any desire or pleasure.

In your self and body exploration, always seek out supportive and loving people, who help you feel good and positive about yourself. Don’t stay with someone who body-shames you. Whether it’s a partner, a friend, or even a family member you simply need to walk away. You must always believe that you deserve to feel pleasure and joy; this will only happen if you foster a deeper connection with your body, and start feeling sexually confident. Communication is key here. Learn how to listen and understand not only your sexual needs but your partner’s desires as well. Communicating what you love and what you don’t will help you set and respect boundaries.

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