How Male Sex Toys Improve Health And Well-Being

When someone mentions “sexual health”, many people assume that it is about avoiding diseases or unplanned pregnancies. Sexual health is not just about the absence of diseases or unplanned pregnancies, it is more than those two factors.

We can say it is also about recognizing that sex can be an important part of your life, which is your well-being. While it is fast becoming a norm for women to embrace their sexuality, men still find it challenging to have a relationship with their bodies.

The social construct that guides male sexuality makes it difficult for them to discuss their private desires. Women use sex toys for sexual gratification and to please themselves, so why can’t men use them? Aside from the fun part of using male sex toys, it can also considerably improve your health and well-being. Let me tell you how male sex toys can improve not only your health, but also your well-being.


Sexual activity with a partner or through masturbation using male sex toys can provide several mental health benefits.

More Sexual Satisfaction

Male sex toys are bound to give you more sexual satisfaction across all metrics. The quality of the masturbation will determine the quality of the orgasm. Whether you roll solo or with a partner, the more you explore and experiment with your body with toys, the more you know how to get yourself off. That makes you get to be confident about your body. Feeling confident is the main component in adapting sex toys into your sex life.

Better Sleep

As we all know, sleep is an essential part of our well-being. Without it, our immune systems weaken, we won’t be able to keep our cognitive skills up to par, anxiety and depression will begin to set in and might affect our libido. Male sex toys can assist with insomnia or restlessness since their activity releases oxytocin and endorphins in the body, which make us experience less stress and feel calm. You know, this will be much better to do at night. Male sex toys will give you a bedtime orgasm, which can help your body to prepare for rest.

Sexual Dysfunction

Both men and women can suffer from sexual dysfunction. Fortunately, sex toys can be of help. Dr. Donaghue argued that masturbatory tools could aid in resolving common sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety.  Men can learn to make themselves reach climax with the aid of male sex toys. It will enhance their confidence in reaching orgasm because their minds will be at ease.

A Means of Workout

You burn calories when using male sex toys for penile-vaginal intercourse or masturbation. Although, you can’t compare the number of calories you burn from intercourse with the ones you burn from masturbation. Well, you can regard that masturbation as a mini-exercise—all the same, male sex toys aid your overall body health.

Headache Relief

Our brain has some chemical compounds which assist the body to self-heal or reduce pain. Ejaculating releases some chemicals that can provide full or partial relief from cluster headaches or migraines. So, if you feel a headache, why don’t you bring out your sex toys and reach for the sky?

Reduction Of Prostate Cancer Risk

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that a man who often ejaculates or frequently is less likely to get prostate cancer. You don’t need a partner to ejaculate and benefit from this. It could be nocturnal emission, sexual intercourse, and masturbation. So, get yourself a male sex toy and get off already!

Post-Orgasm Glow

The beauty benefit of sex is the post-orgasm glow. An organism increases your body’s estrogen levels, which helps with good and healthier-looking skin and hair. Male sex toys will enhance your sexual gratification to have a quality orgasm and reduce stress levels. Reduction in stress level plus post-orgasm glow makes your skin looks clearer.

Sex is a journey, your only goal during sex shouldn’t be just orgasm. You should learn to enjoy the process with all sorts of male sex toys from Project Pleasure and reap enormous physical and mental health benefits. Let us assist you in having a lifetime sexual experience with our male sex toys.

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