Get Glam Makeup Like a Rockette For Your Next Holiday Soiree


You may not think of them this way, but the Rockettes are pretty serious athletes. They sparkle, smile, and high-kick their way through up to five strenuous Radio City Christmas Spectacular performances a day — and not an eyelash falls outof place. You already know how the Rockettes style their hair for seriously secure strands, but their beauty routine is shockingly simple with just a few extra steps to make sure their makeup lasts through the whole show. Dancers Amy Klingler and Katie Hamrah shared their techniques for durable lips and lashes. Plus, they’ve shared the beauty essentials you’ll need if you’re going to be the star of a holiday performance, concert, or a really fabulous party (especially one with mistletoe).

If you want to top off your look like a true Rockette, add plenty of blush. “We all love blush,” admits Katie. “Even if we only have 30 seconds between numbers, we make sure to apply more.” “Blush helps us look as bright and polished at the finale as we do at the beginning of the show,” adds Amy. Make sure to take it off at the end of the night with Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser ($5). While you might not be able to replicate their dance moves, you can certainly copy their beauty routine.


Lash Out

You’ll want to apply the majority of your makeup (foundation, eye shadow, blush, etc.) before doing your lashes and lips. Feel free to apply a thin layer of eyeliner — it can act as a guide for where to apply your falsies! Using a full set of false lashes like New Look’s #320 lashes ($6) or the second pair in the Rockettes’ Faux Eyelash set ($40), apply a thick layer of Ardell Duo Clear Lash Adhesive ($6) down the entire length of the strip. It may seem like a lot of glue, but these women aren’t just headed out to a party. “The show is really aerobic and athletic,” says Amy. “We want to make sure there’s enough glue on the lashes so we don’t sweat them off.”


Get Glued

Once the glue is tacky (after about 30 seconds), place your falsies right above your real fringe. The Rockettes like to use the ends of a spare bobby pin to precisely press the strip down onto the lid, so it’s totally secure.

If your lashes are prone to lifting up on the corners, the Rockettes have a trick for that, too: add glue to the tip of a hairpin and dab it on your lid, then reaffix the falsies. The narrow end of the hair tool allows you to get really close to the lashline without lifting up the strip.


Line Up

Now for the signature look of the Rockettes — the red lip. But to get this at home, you can’t go straight to the crimson lipstick. “We always do liner first,” says Amy. “That way, even if we have to blot or wipe down our faces in between numbers, we still have color on.” Use MAC Cosmetics Lip Liner in Cherry ($16) to define your lip line and color in your whole pout.


Color Between the Lines

To get that classic Christmas-red lip, the Rockettes use either MAC Cosmetics lipstick in Russian Red ($16) or MAC Red ($16). “Those are our favorites, but it depends on the [lipstick] finish each girl likes,” explained Katie. If you want a dramatic, matte look, go for Russian Red. MAC Red is slightly brighter with a creamy texture.


The Finished Look

Strike a (dance) pose and take a selfie, because you’re rocking red lips and lush lashes like a Rockette! Just promise us you’ll stretch before attempting any chorus-line kicks.

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