The Biggest Wedding Dates to Consider in 2015

If you’re planning on getting married in 2015 but aren’t sure what the best time to do so is, then you may want to take a look at these dates our friends at Bridal Guide have come up with!


This past Saturday was 12/13/14, the last number-sequential date that will hit the calendar for nearly 20 years, and more than 20,000 couples were slated to tie the knot before the clock struck midnight. If you weren’t one of those lucky duos, but are still hoping to have a wedding date that’s as cool as it is easy to remember, here are seven dates for you to consider choosing in 2015.


January 5th is your first chance for a fun wedding date in 2015. January is quickly approaching, so you might need to get going with your planning (or consider a low-key city hall wedding!), but the 5th would certainly make for an easy-to-remember anniversary date. Imagine all of the fun you could have with your save-the-dates; consider sending out a round reminder with a never-ending circle of 1s and 5s to make sure no one ever forgets your date!


Affectionately known as Pi Day in honor of the mathematical symbol (that comes out to approximately 3.14159), this would be a really delicious day to tie the knot. Embrace the spirit of the day by serving pie on your big day instead of cake, sending out pie tin save-the-dates, or sending your guests home with adorable mini hand pies as favors. The options truly are endless . . . just like the number of digits in π.


Consider yourself a math nerd? Then this is the date for you, because 4 + 11 = 15. You don’t often find dates that really add up quite as nicely like this one does. Plus, in 2015, April 11th falls on a Saturday, making it a very wedding-worthy date. Just be sure you book your venue early to guarantee you get the date you desire.


Look closely . . . May 16, 2015 is a palindrome, which means it reads the same backward or forward. This would be a good date to pick if you’re into numerology, the belief in divine, mystical, or other special relationship between a number and some coinciding events. When your wedding date looks the same regardless of which way you look at it, that may just be a good sign that your marriage will flourish no matter what comes your way. Another palindrome to consider: 5/1/15.


If five is your lucky number, consider this five-filled date for your nuptials. It will look nice on your favors, a corn hole board, and on customized champagne glasses. Even though this date falls on a Tuesday this year, it’d be a very nice pick for tying the knot in an intimate ceremony followed by a small party with just your nearest and dearest.


If you have your heart set on getting married on a Saturday, then consider August 15th as a possible date for your nuptials. It’s the only time the 15th day of the month falls on a Saturday throughout the entire year. If you’re able to secure this date, that’s a fun fact you can share anytime anyone asks you why you chose to make things officially official on that particular date!


Do you and your partner march to the beat of your own drum? Then embrace your quirky personalities with a completely odd-numbered date like this one. The fact that it incorporates a popular convenience store name makes it easy to remember without being conventional. Looking for something even more offbeat? Consider 11/13/15 for a somewhat sequential and totally unique date . . . but if you’re superstitious, be warned it falls on a Friday the 13th!

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