Easy Style Ideas For Pixie Cuts

1 Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical (via Lousousou)

2 Styling A Pixie Haircut


Styling A Pixie Haircut: fashion blogs | sone moriarty | how to make | magazine | style | personal | new zealand mummy blogger | school (via Polli)

3 The Piked Pixie


The Piked Pixie (via Tessa Netting)

4 Super Short Styling


Super Short Styling: If you’ve never chopped your hair off, you’ve probably dreamed about it. (Probably a frequent dream for anyone with high-maintanence hair!) Some of you lovely ladies have actually taken that leap, leaving braids and buns in the past and this tutorial was for made YOU! You may recognize this look from our Vidal Sassoon voting [] (via The Beauty Department)

5 Retro Waves


Retro Waves (via whippycake)

6 Short Twisted Upstyle


Short Twisted Upstyle: The pixie trend is still hot for 2012 and Evan Rachel Wood shows how versatile short hair can be. Keeping some length at the front allows you to mix up your look, and Evan takes her short cut from prim to punk. At the 2012 Critics Choice Awards Evan twisted up her short hair to…Read More (via Hair romance)

7 Pin-up Hair


Pin-up Hair (via ch527kerosene)

8 Pixie Texture


Pixie Texture (via Salon K)

9 Curly Pompadour Short Hair


Curly Pompadour Short Hair (via TheHaiRazorTV)

10 Sleek Pixie


Sleek Pixie: Learn how to achieve a Sleek Pixie look with the help of TRESemm stylist, Jaml Tadros. Jaml uses Tres Extra Firm Control Gel and Climate Control Finishing Spray to achieve this polished hairstyle. (via Tres Style Studio)

11 Layered Curly Short Hair


Layered Curly Short Hair (via TheHaiRazorTV)

12 3 Ways to Style a Pixie Cut


3 Ways to Style a Pixie Cut: My friend Lauren is a darling. She has the sweetest pixie cut to match her equally sweet personality. Look at them eyes they don’t lie. She’s been feeling a little bored with her pixie cut lately, so I jumped at the chance to help her switch it up a little and show her some easy styles to make her excited about that hair. Because it’s good hair. Really good hair. Here… (via A Beautiful Mess)

13 Pumped Up Pixie


Pumped Up Pixie (via Vidal Sassoon)

14 A Pretty, Sparkly Pixie


A Pretty, Sparkly Pixie: This sexy, chic short style is one you’re going to want to A. pin on Pinterest and B. wear everywhere! (via Cosmopolitan)

15 Scene Pixie


Scene Pixie (via KaYkAy)

16 Quick Easy Updo for Short Hair


Quick Easy Updo for Short Hair: When I had long hair I felt like I had a few easy options when my hair was dirty or unmanageable.top knot.ponytail.side bun. That is truly one of the most frustrating things about having short hair. I always feel like I have to do it. Well I figured this nice (via Ma Nouvelle Mode)

17 Fun Feminine Faux Hawk


Fun Feminine Faux Hawk (via ZombieQueen33)

18 Sass Up Short Hair


Sass Up Short Hair: You may have seen a few of my hair tutorial pins on Pinterest called the Twisted Pony and the Wavy Hair tutorial. I have totally chopped off all my locks and I am creating new fun ways to do my short hair now! NOTE TO READERS: Bored when your husband is gone for the night at school? DO NOT PLAY (via The Modern Roost)

19 Quick and Easy Short Hair


Quick and Easy Short Hair (via Vanessa Michele)

20 Style a Pixie Cut


Style a Pixie Cut (via Nadia Aboulhosn)

21 The Pompadour


The Pompadour (via Free Salon Education)

22 Hair with Flair for the Short-haired Set


Hair with Flair for the Short-haired Set: If you’re coming up short on quick and easy ways to wrangle your mop, never fear, we’re here to help! Find out to how add a pinch of pizazz to your look with this style for short lengths! (via ModCloth)

23 Spiky Pixie Haircut


Spiky Pixie Haircut (via 401Gigi)

24 Curly Styles For Super-Short Hair


Curly Styles For Super-Short Hair (via xoVain)

25 Quick and Easy Tutorial for PIXIE HAIR

Quick and Easy Tutorial for PIXIE HAIR (via JaaackJack)

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