Cool Eyeshadow Tutorials

1. Pink Eyeshadow – 9 Pretty Pink Eyeshadow Tutorials for Beginners


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2. Green Eyeshadow – Gorgeous Green Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners


Get the full Smokey Eye Summer Moss Tutorial here!

3. Coral Eyeshadow – Cute Coral Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners

Want a pop of something more fun? Coral is a bright and fun option for some seriously girly fun. And corals are perfect for girls who have teal green eyes. It just pops!


4. Yellow Eyeshadow – Cheerful Yellow Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners

Yellow works so well with people who are dark-skinned. A little of this eyeshadow color goes a long way so you want to be extra careful. Top it off with liquid eyeliner and have a dazzling night!


5. Red Eyeshadow – Sexy Red Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners

While red can be pretty bright and wild, a touch of glitter and dark tones can bring it to a sexy place. Use caution when trying out red under the eye – it can make you look a little… well… zombie-ish is the only way to put it. But the addition of this black eyeliner and deep metallic bring this look from living dead to dead sexy!


6. Natural Eyeshadow – Neutral and Natural Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners

You can never go wrong with neutral and pale eyeshadow colors, no matter how much of a beginner you are. Look classy and elegant with this simple, effortless tutorial. And keeping the eye neutral gives you the opening for some serious drama on the lip.

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7. Orange Eyeshadow – Burnt Orange Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners


Get the full Burnt Orange Eyeshadow Tutorial here!

8. Purple Eyeshadow – Lovely Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners

Purple eyeshadow can be very versatile. It looks great on a variety of skin tones and can give you several different looks. It’s a great shade for day to night time wear!


9. Blue Eyeshadow – Smokey Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners

The secret to this sultry blue and black smokey eyeshadow is so simple. BLEND BLEND BLEND BLEND BLEND!


10. Gold Eyeshadow – Glam Gold Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners

This glam eye makeup is so much more simple than you should expect from seeing the finished product. And it creates the perfect fun, sexy night out look. When applying, make sure you use a fan brush to get rid of falling glitter.


The ultimate evening makeup any beginner can do. Again, use a damped brush with glitter to avoid fall outs. A waterproof black mascara can also help lessen the smudging.

11. Silver Eyeshadow – Sparkling Silver Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners


12. Black Eyeshadow – Classic Black Eyeshadow Tutorial for Beginners

Black is my go to choice for my eye makeup. It’s so classic and beautiful and really defines your eye. Seriously, what’s eye makeup without the touch of black?


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