Cool Purple Lips Makeup Tutorial


Are you ready to follow the steps to this simple eye and purple lips makeup tutorial? Let’s get started!

Step 1

Apply face primer for a smooth finish. This step is essential if you want to achieve perfect-looking skin.


Step 2

Use an illuminating cream to give your skin a healthy glow.


Step 3

To get rid of the dark under eye circles, apply a color corrector underneath the eyes.


Step 4

Since we’re going for a simple makeup look, BB cream will be better than foundation. BB cream is lightweight, tinted and offers benefits for healthy, clear skin.


Step 5

To achieve flawless skin, apply concealer under the eyes, on the T-Zone and cupid’s bow. This will highlight those areas.


Step 6

Now it’s time to set our makeup with a setting powder.


Step 7

Using a contour stick, draw a line underneath the cheekbones to give your face more definition.


Step 8

It’s time to bake! Apply translucent powder under the eyes, bridge of the nose, forehead, and cupid’s bow. After a minute of baking, blend the contour stick smoothly onto the cheeks, then blend the powder.



Step 9

Reset this layer of makeup with your setting powder.


Step 10

To give the face more structure, apply contour powder around the edge of the face, hollow of the cheeks, jawline, and bridge of the nose.


Step 11

Use your translucent powder again to draw a line underneath the cheekbones. This line will accentuate the contour you’ve just created.


Step 12

Fill in the brows. Keep it clean and natural looking.


Step 13

Apply eye primer to prevent creasing and to extend the wearability of your makeup.


Step 14

Pick a caramel brown shade and apply this on the outer corners of the crease, working your way inside.


Step 15

Now pick a dark plum/brown eyeshadow and apply this over the caramel you applied earlier. Start on the outer corner of the eyes. The dark shade can be harsh so use some caramel to diffuse the darkness and blend properly.


Step 16

Now apply a silver shimmery eyeshadow over the lids.


Step 17

Apply black eyeliner on the upper lash line and create a small wing.


Step 18

Using the same dark plum/brown eyeshadow, lightly run the color under the lower lash line.


Step 19

Curl and apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes.


Step 20

For a more dramatic look, apply your favorite false eyelashes.


Step 21

Shape the lips with lip liner and blend. Apart from shaping your lips, lip liners also keep your lip color in tact and in place.


Step 22

Now to the fun part: purple lipstick!


Step 23

For some finishing touches, put some pink shimmery eyeshadow on the tear ducts as this will brighten the eyes.


Step 24

Lastly, dab some highlighter (powder formula) on the high points of the cheeks and nose.


Now you’re ready for a night about town.


What do you think of this purple lipped look? After going through each step, I was surprised to see that the makeup still looks natural and simple. While purple eyeshadow and lipstick may seem like a lot, the finished result is completely, utterly awesome!

Watch the full tutorial below.

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