Amazing Nail Art Designs

1. Red and Black Glitter Nail Art

Red and black glitter polishes can be combined for some smashing and glamorous nail art designs!

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2. Flower on Natural Nails

Cute little flower nail art designs can be scattered across well manicured natural nails for a sweet look.


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3. Flower and Anchor Nail Design

Jazz up some flower nail art designs with interesting shapes, like these nautical themed anchors.


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4. Turquoise and Black Polka Dot Nails

The contrast between the black and turquoise in this polka dot nail art design looks awesome!


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5. Octopus Nail Art Design

Octopus tentacles put a new spin on nautical themed nail art designs!


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6. Turquoise Stone Nail Art

A faux stone nail art deign with turquoise and black is absolutely stunning!


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7. Black and White Flower Nail Art

Gray and black flower nail art on milky white nails really stands out as a pretty and eye catching design!


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8. Neon Rectangle Nails

Anyone desperate for some colorful and vibrant nail art designs will love these interesting neon nails!


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9. Jewel Nail Art Design

Pretty cool how a few well placed straight ines can make a jewel design on the nails!


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10. Thin Chevron Pattern Nails

Use a nail art pen or thin nail brush to create this chevron patterns on the nails.


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11. Dry Brush Green and Black Nails

Use a dry brush technique with green polish on black nails to get this interesting nail art look!


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12. Pearly Glass Nail Art

Try a super trendy and gorgeous glass manicure for a hot new look!


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