Celebs Looking Really Gross

#1 Taylor Momsen’s Freakish Eyes

This gossip girl needs to do a little more gossiping and a little less . . whatever this is. Just stop it. Never again.


#2 Just Your Typical Cover Girl

Believe it or not, this is Supermodel Kate Moss, PRE PHOTOSHOP, just to be clear. We’re not sure what’s going on with her here, but lets just say that she’s not magazine cover-ready.


#3 Lindsay’s Dry For Help

You might be inclined to think this is some 45 y/o woman with a bit too much time in the sun. Well, you would be off by 20 years or so. This is everyone’s favorite former celeb on hamster wheel of fail, Lindsay Lohan.


#4 Madonna’s Skeleton

If you’re wondering why her face is holding up much better, it’s probably because arm botox isn’t as effective yet. Give it time, a few more years and she’ll look like new again.


#5 Time To Hit The Spa

We all know she’s a hard worker, but maybe it’s time to take a much needed vacation. Seriously, she’s starting to scare the kids.


#6 This REALY Happened

No matter how many comebacks she has, or whatever hit singing show she may be on, this is the face we’ll always remember.


#7 The Ugly Duckling

Some people might look at this and say “rough morning!”. However, we look at this and say “GREAT NIGHT”. That’s right people, this is what happiness looks like, the morning after. . .


#8 Not Sure If Serious, Or Cartoon

Perhaps we should give her the benefit of the doubt, this may be part of some larger elaborate costume.


#9 Crazy Top

It doesn’t help that he’s a bad actor, but given his crazy eyes, and the overall questionable movement of his face, Carrot Top is a must have for this list.


#10 No Shave November?

This might be taking it a little to far. Maybe it’s time to rethink this yearly trend, at least for girls.


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