Bikini Hacks For Summer

Save yourself the agony of swimsuit shopping this season and make your own.

#1 Color And Fringe

Take a boring white bikini and add some color and fringe with simple art supplies.


#2 Turn A Bikini Into A One Piece

Just had a baby, or not feeling like showing off your tummy this year. Take that bikini and turn it into a sexy one piece.


#3 Pin Up Girl

Take a vintage button up, short sleeve shirt and turn it into a pin up girl style bathing suit.


#4 Crochet Bikini

Crochet your own bikini.


#5 Back To The 80’s

Use your old 80’srock band t-shirts to make cool vintage bikinis.


#6 Flip It

Take your bikini top and flip it upside down.


#7 Teekini

The newest rage, a bikini made from a t-shirt.


#8 New High Waisted Bikini

Take an old one piece and create those cute high waisted bottoms that everyone is wearing. Add a bikini top and voila!


#9 Bling Out

Add some bling to a push up, strapless bra.


#10 Cute Supportive Top For Large Breats

Grab a sports bra and a bathing suit top, and put the two together.


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