Awesome DIY Infinity Scarves for Fall

We’re certain you know by now that we’d always rather make our own if we can!

Check out these 15 gorgeous infinity scarf designs that are perfect for keeping yourself cozy and stylish this fall. There are scarf making techniques on this list for all kinds of DIY enthusiasts’ different skills!
1. Velvet Morning set


DROPS Designs has an infinity scarf pattern for you that comes with an adorable matching hat to make a complete set! We love the even pattern of the stitches in this design and the fact that the width of the scarf makes it a good option for people who want some warmth at their neck without something rubbing against their face.

2. Marquise-Lace infinity scarf


Do yo love lace designs so much that you’re not quite ready to give them up yet, even though they’re usually a little too light to keep you warm in the winter? Well, Deramores has actually developed a pattern that’s made with a pretty lacy stitch combination but with yarn thick enough to give you real warmth!

3. Braided infinity set


We love a good cable almost any time, but we especially love the way the cabling technique is used here to create a braided effect all the way around the scarf. As if that wasn’t cute enough, the pattern also walks you through the steps for making a matching braided headband! Check out all the details on DROPS Designs.

4. Any-Season infinity scarf


Sometimes it’s nice to have a scarf that’s thick and layered enough to be worn tightly wound in the winter, but still knit loosely enough that it was be worn  casually slung in warmer months as well. Patterns like this one by Redheart  are fun to make because the final product is so versatile!

5. Tell Me knitted set


Besides being adorable because it includes an entire set right down to the mittens, we love this pattern because it contains a perfect balance of regular, steady stitches and cute ,sweeping pattern. The apttern creates a cut edge on every piece that we can’t wait to wear this fall. Check it out on DROPS Designs.

6. Broomstick lace infinity scarf


Of course, for any of these patterns you might choose a different colour than what you see in the picture, but this scarf might be the one design where we’re absolutely in love with how that particular piece looks in that specific colour way. Either way, though, this waving design will suit anything and anyone because it’s just so nice. Take a look on B.Hooked Crochet.

7. Crazy Shell infinity scarf


‘s adorable falls scarf pattern is aptly named because it really does look like a connection of crazy little sea shells. We’re very into how delicate the stitches look even though the yarn isn’t a lace weight. Find out how it’s done on The Batter’s Box.

8. Autumn Demask infinity scarf


DROPS Designs shows you how to make an adorable design full of yarn overs intended to create holes in a stylish and even pattern. The best part is that it also comes with a matching headband in the same adorable design! We’re about ready to make one in every colour.

9. Chunky Crochet infinity scarf


Would you rather crochet yourself something a little chunkier to make sure you really stay cozy?  Try making this design that features two adorable buttons! This scarf will actually be a lot of fun to stitch because it’s simple but it still has a flourish. Check the whole thing out Flamingo Toes.

10. Textured infinity scarf


Persia Lou teaches you how to make a crocheted infinity scarf using a number of different stitch types in order to give the design some texture! Besides feeling nice when you snuggle into it in cold weather, the stitch variations will give it all a little more visual appeal too.

11. Tie dyed infinity scarf


12. American Apparel circle scarf knock offI Love to Create suggests keeping things interesting not with solely your stitches, but with your colours too! You might find a variegated yarn that builds a steady, beautiful gradient on its own as you knit, or you might actually choose to hand dye a light coloured garment yourself, depending on which colours are your favourite and what kind of wool is available.


Not every DIY circle scarf out there has to be knitted or crocheted! This tutorial from Come Online shows you how to make a large infinity scarf that’s intended to be a mock of the fantastic tube scarves sold at American Apparel. Once you’ve got the large strip of material, the sewing required to make the scarf is simple!

13. Bernadita shawl scarf


Do you like the idea of an infinity scarf but you’d rather have it sit down further on your shoulders than up very close to your neck and face? Then we feel like you’ll really enjoy this pattern from DROPS Designs! We love that you can choose between pulling it on and off over your head or actually undoing the buttons, depending on your hair situation.

14. Bellflower infinity scarf


Hooked on Crafting shows you how to make an adorable infinity scarf using a pattern full of yarn overs to create neat eyelet holes. We love the way larger and smaller holes contrast across the surface of the scarf, and we’re also pretty into the fact that you can wear it looped once or twisted several times and it’ll look cute either way.

15. 20 minute fabric circle scarf


Do you really want to make yourself an infinity scarf but you don’t have hours to invest in the project? We’ve got a solution for you! This tutorial from I Heart Naptime guides you through the process of making a cute fabric circle scarf with little scalloped piping for extra style.

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