Amazing DIY Bath Bombs

Add a bit of luxury to the tub with these 20 DIY bath bombs that can be made right at home!

1. Sprinkles


If you follow along with this YouTube video, you’ll gather all the info you need for making these sprinkle-infused bath bombs. They’d be perfect as a DIY birthday gift, don’t you think?

2. Lush-Inspired


We all love lush bath bombs and this DIY is inspired by the like. Check out the tutorial over at Everything Etsy.

3. Lemon


A Pumpkin and A Princess created a refreshing lemon bath bomb that we’re dying to try to.  The daisy embellishment just adds to the luxury.

4. K-Cup


Check out this innovative DIY! Over at The Good Stuff you’ll learn how to utilize some of those old k-cups, turning them into molds for your bombs.

5. Peppermint


If you’re a lover of peppermint, then you want to snag this DIY from Moments with Mandi. Learn how to infuse your favorite scent into a bath time treat.

6. Ornament Mold


Intimate Weddings shows us how to take ornaments and turn them into perfect bath bomb molds. Grab some plastic or glass ones from the store and get started!

7. Tiny


Create some tiny bath bombs with the help of Eat Knit & DIY. Fill up a jar as a DIY gift or create a stock of the goodies for yourself.

8. Cupcake Liners


idle wife uses cupcake liners to build their bath bombs. And their colors are beautiful too!

9. Fortune Cookie


We’re swooning for these adorable fortune cookie bombs. Over at Instructables, you’ll find all the details you need for creating these cuties.

10. Hearts


Wh wouldn’t want to indulge themselves a bit and drop in some heart-shaped fizzles in their bath water? Grab the details at Suburban Mom.

11. Essential Oil


A Beautiful Mess shows us how to make several kinds of bombs using essential oils. They’re tutorials are always spot on so this one is a personal favorite!

12. Lavender


YouTube gives us a great video for lavender-infused bombs. This is a really great choice for those wanting something a bit more relaxing.

13. Midas Touch


Fill up the tub with gold! Catch the details for creating these “midas touch” bath bombs over at Soap Queen.

14. Natural


Fable Naturals has a great tutorial for creating bath bombs with all natural ingredients. If you’re a fan of organic and raw materials, dive into this one.

15. Galaxy


DIY for Teens has this special DIY up their sleeve. Create something full of color and design with this “galaxy” inspired style.

16. Golden Egg


Check out this YouTube video for all the details concerning this sparkling, golden egg bath bomb. Fill the tub with glitter!

17. Donuts


It’s pretty hard not to love these donut bath bombs from North Atlantic Books. These really are more than perfect for DIYing and gifting to friends and family.

18. Dried Flowers


We’re loving the idea of using dried flowers in our bath bomb recipes too. Emma Magazine has the scoop on these beauties.

19. Easter Egg


Style Me Pretty created Easter egg bath bombs that are quite precious too! They’re perfect for springtime spa time!

20. Original Lush


Again, if you’re a fan of lush, then you’ll want to run over to this YouTube video. You’ll learn how to create a copycat “original” bomb.

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