Awesome Animal Themed Nail Tutorials

Animal themed nail arts are popular all the time because of their vivid designs. For animal themed nails, the animals are designed in lovely ways and in different colors. No matter what size the animals are at, they can be styled in a clever way for your small nails.

Today’s post is going to tell you how to make some animal nail art. They are step-by-step nail tutorials. It is versatile for both professionals and beginners. The tutorials will bring some nail tricks for the next manicure. Actually, it is not hard to paint a perfect animal nails.

As spring comes, it is time to make everything new. Think of the new nail art and get inspired from the tutorials.

Bear Nail Art

Bear Nail Art via

Chicks Nail Art

Chicks Nail Art via

Leopard Nail Art

Leopard Nail Art via

Ladybug Nail Art

Ladybug Nail Art via

Black Cat Nail Art

Black Cat Nail Art via

Bee Nail Art

Bee Nail Art via

Blue Owl Nails

Blue Owl Nails via

Frog Nail Art

Frog Nail Art via

Zebra Nail Art

Zebra Nail Art via

Totoro Nail Art

Totoro Nail Art via

Fish Nail Art

Fish Nail Art via

Easy Cow Nail Art

Easy Cow Nail Art via

Flamingo Nail Art

Flamingo Nail Art via

Panda Nail Art

Panda Nail Art via

Monkey Nail Art

Monkey Nail Art via

Giraffe Nail Art

Giraffe Nail Art via

Bunny Nail Art

Bunny Nail Art via

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