Amazing Eyebrow Tutorials

Here are 5 eyebrow tutorials that will have your arches nearing perfection as you learn how to use all those new and nifty brow innovations; from creams to pencils. Trust us, after snagging some of these beauty cheat sheets you’ll have a whole new pep in your step and confidence in your photos.

1. How To Get Perfect Brows from Keiko Lynn

If you have thinner brows, this is the tutorial to learn from. Whether they’re thin in shape or the hair is thin, Keiko Lynn will walk you through a super easy process that even novice makeup-doers can try (and succeed in) at home. You’ll learn how both powder and wax can be your arches’ new besties as well as why an angled brush is will be the tool you swoon for. What’s beautiful is the transformation on her own palette – her face. Her before and after shows how much pop and pow shapely, darkened brows can give your overall look.

2. The Ultimate Brow Guide from Palladio Beauty

Then again if you’re looking for a guide that brings you exactly what you need to make the perfect brow happen, Palladio Beauty has you covered. Whether you have sparse hairs or thicker arches, they’ll teach you about all the necessities to make a shaped eyebrow happen with what you’ve been given to work with. You may even get to dip into some tinted gel to keep unruly hairs at bay while learning about what color to use for your complexion.

3. Sexy Attack Eyebrows from xoVain

Jokingly inspired by the ‘Doctor Who’ these bold and fabulous eyebrows can be found over at xoVain. She’ll walk you through all the easy steps and you’ll learn how to perfect the fill-in with ease. You’ll even get some fun content to read about how shapes change, thin used to be in but now it’s a more robust look that’s taking the beauty world by storm. And it’s time to jump on the bandwagon!

4. Cara Delevingne Brow Tutorial from Marie Claire

Supermodel, Cara Delevingne, is one of the reasons that the bold, “power” brow is back in business. And thanks to Marie Claire, and all of their beauty tips and tricks, we have a fun step-by-step tutorial on how to get our own eyebrows looking just as celebrity-esque and fierce. Hop on over and use the gifs as your guide as well as grabbing some advice on tools and product that you may want to pick up before practicing.

5. Easy Eyebrow Tutorial from Andee Layne

Hop on over to Andee Layne and check out her go-to eyebrow tutorial. It’s an easy one to follow and you’ll learn the simplest way to keep your brows in check. You’ll be able to shop her must-have products for getting her signature look and maybe even find something that works better than what you’ve been using on your own. Her natural brows are a bit thinner and delicate, so if you’re in the same boat you’ll definitely want to catch the details here.

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