Amazing DIY Hair Accessories

Check out these 15 awesome DIY hair accessory designs that we think are even prettier than what you’ll find at Urban Outfitter or H&M!

1. Greenery flower crown


Flower crowns of all kinds are ultra trendy right now, but many of them involve all kinds of bright colours and blossoms with big petals. Perhaps you’re looking for something that’s on trend but ever so slightly more unique than what you’ve seen in stores? We love this very green DIY version that emphasizes the leaves more than the blossoms, with just a few pretty flowers to create contrast. Check out how it’s made on The Crafted Life!

2. Downton Abbey inspired ruffled headband


Have you recently binge watched every episode of Downton Abbey, falling in love with each woman’s gorgeous vintage fashion and accessories along the way? That sounds like the perfect opportunity to make your own recreation piece, if you ask us! Rosyscription guides you through the process of making an adorable ruffled headpiece that’s directly inspired by the hair pieces you’ll see on the show.

3. Wire scarf headband


Using a fun scarf as a headband is always a fun idea for jazzing up a simple bun or ponytail. Scarves made of some materials, however, slip very easily against your hair and can be hard to keep tied around throughout the day. Honestly WTF shows you how to solve the problem using wire and a scarf that you just can’t wait to feature!

4. Elastic and leather hair tie


Do you love the idea of tying your hair in a delicate leather tie but you’re worried that your ponytail is too thin to stay in place with just the leather for support? Try attaching it to an elastic hair tie for extra support, just like Cupcakes and Cashmere did here!

5. Clip in paper flowers


Paper n’ Stitch guides you through the process of affixing delicate paper flowers to simple clips, making them the perfect pretty accessory for sprucing up your look in a way that’s natural and Bohemian looking. We adore the way they look dotted down the length of a stylishly messy braid, but they’d also be very pretty peeking out from an intricate updo!

6. Glue and sparkle bobby pins


Are you looking for just a touch of simple sparkle rather than a large, unconventional piece when it comes to catching people’s eye with your look? The Beauty Department has you covered with these little glitter charmed bobby pins made of dried glue.

7. Easy gemstone bobby pins


Do you like the idea of a glamorous touch that looks glam even in its subtlety, but hearts and stars aren’t really your style? Check out this design by The DIY Dreamer that uses single coloured rhinestones instead!

8. Spiked hair comb


Just because we’re writing a list about hair accessories that we think are “pretty” doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten how edgy some peoples definition of the word is! We absolutely adore this DIY spiked hair comb idea from Honestly WTF because it gives even the simplest messy ponytail a little extra attitude.

9. Chain linked combs


You might have seen chain hairbands that rest across the top surface of the hair before, but have you ever considered decorating under your ponytail or bun? Well, in case you haven’t, I Spy DIY is here to show you how utterly gorgeous a pair of linked chains can look at the back if you attach them to easy slip combs.

10. Boho crystal head chain


All the Good Girls Go to Heaven guides you through the process of making your very own Bohemian style head chain, design to jazz up your ‘do even when it’s just left down and natural. We’re in love with how they’ve used a few simple crystals to give the whole look subtle glamour.

11. Pearl linked hair comb


Do you like the linked hair combs idea above, but you’re not sure gold chains are really your thing? Try stringing lengths of pearls between the combs instead! This look is so vintage and delicate that it’ll please the eye no matter where in your hair you place the ends. Check out how it’s made on Clones n’ Clowns.

12. DIY creaseless elastic hair ties


Have you fallen in love with the way those trendy new hair ties made from lengths of fun coloured elastic hold your hair, or perhaps the way they pull much less than other hair ties when you slide your ponytail out at the end of the day? We love them too, but we’re not sure we like that they only come in small packs for a higher price than plain hair elastics. Life in the Green House shows you how to solve that problem by making your own!

13. 5 minute necklace to hairband alteration


Once you’ve learned this trick from Creme de la Craft for making hair jewelry from broken necklaces and a hair tie, we’re fairly certain you’ll never go back to just purchasing store bought accessories. We love the way this technique lets you create a look at the same time as you preserve a pretty necklace that, while broken, still shouldn’t go to waste!

14. Embroidery wrapped hair combs


Do you have some plain plastic hair combs that hold your hair very well but that are completely drab when it comes to visual appeal? Use those as a simple base to get creative! Kristina J suggests wrapped embroidery floss around the spine of the comb, switching colours as you go along to give an awesome colour blocked effect that looks great against your hair once you’ve put the combs in.

15. Three part lace headband


A Beautiful Mess knows that sometimes you just can’t get enough of a good thing… especially when that good thing is in combination with something else you really enjoy! We were taken aback at how pretty this delicate triple hairband made of lace was, particularly when we realized that each strip is made from a  different kind of lace to create gorgeous contrast.

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